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Well, we left for FL yesterday. I had been a little apprehensive about flying with both kiddos but all in all it went pretty smooth. Granted, we didn’t fly very far away, but we did have a decent layover with lots of waiting around. I wrote a post last year about flying with toddlers and I still stand behind all the things I listed. Our carry on was packed with just about the same kinds of things. This time we had a few more game like toys now that Rowan is older. She loves matching games. If there is one tip I would like to add it’s this…

Never. I mean NEVER open or help your kid open any new game, snack, etc… on the plane untill they are about to cry from not being able to do it themselves. Ha! Letting them try to do it themselves buys you about 5-10 mins of time for each new item. On a plane ride that is huge.

I think the biggest thing is anticipating their every need and move. Being one step a head of them helps stop meltdowns before they happen. It’s exhausting being nonstop, over the top excited and engaged to keep their attention on that plane ride. If you have a layover, really let them run wild! Get those wiggles out. I will say that nursing is like the biggest blessing for flying with a baby. I let Finley nurse way longer than I usually do just to keep her content, quiet and help with the ear pressure as we took off and landed.

Kev will be joining us down here next week and we just can’t wait. We have only been away from him for a day and we already miss him like crazy.

What are your favorite travel tips?










  1. Mónica •

    Well I too have traveled by plane with a baby but only one since Candela was not born yet. It was pretty good but the verdar advise to be let free without stress slightly. Alenjandro was practically slept the whole trip ….. Kisses and happy weekend.

  2. I have no tips, but I will be watching this thread, since I will be flying solo from Africa to the US with my 11 month old next month. Yikes!

  3. My husband and I flew from Ireland to Siberia, Russia with our seven week old son and our two year old toddler. The best advice I ever got was to complete forget about routine when you’re doing a crazy long journey. Our boys love routine but when you’re travelling through seven time zones you need to let go as a parent and not stress out that they are missing naps or snacking etc. Also be very careful about what foods you give them. We’ve had some awful ‘diaper problems’ a few times, eek!

  4. That first photo melts my heart, your children will have such great photos to look back on! And they are both just so cute! It looks like you know how to travel with the babies like a pro–when I see families traveling with their kids I have such respect for the amount of patience they must have because sometimes even flying alone is hectic enough, let alone a couple children!

  5. Love the pictures! Where did you get your polka dot tee. I love it!

  6. I bet your kiddos are so well behaved. You’re a good mom!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Ahhh no suggestions. I have only one kid and Im terrified of traveling/flying with him. I’m also terrified of being too far from the house with him so the problem might just be me instead of him lol


  8. Heather •

    This has nothing to do with the post really but where did you get your shirt? It’s cute.

  9. Such adorable pictures 🙂
    Last month I traveled (just me!) with my 3 yr old and 3 month old…It took me 2 flights to get to Arizona…plus a 3 hr drive to get the the airport…it was a little crazy…thank goodness my parents were waiting in AZ…so I had help during the 10 days I was there.
    I think the biggest thing for me was carrying Blake in the front pack when getting ready to load/unload the plane…that way I was hands free…well not really considering I had a massive diaper bag and purse…haha
    I was so worried leading up to that trip….but total strangers were so quick to offer a hand (and somehow I figured out a system that I didn’t need much help afterall!)
    I hope you and the kiddos had a great trip!

  10. I just love the candid style you manage with your family photos. Challenges me to take a step back and be a little less portrait-y with my own photos of my family.

    You can see the casual vibe, the love that surrounds you :).

  11. Aww what a cutie pies, such lovely photos capturing great moments

  12. This is so helpful! We only have one currently, but the thought of having a second and traveling with a second scares me beyond words! I just found you through your adorable pregnancy video and have loved digging into your blog a bit.

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