Rowan’s Christmas

Just wanted to share a few pictures to show you how cute Rowan looked on Christmas eve. Christmas day she just lounged around in pj’s like everyone else, but christmas eve she was all dressed up. She even had a fur collar on like her mommy. I have so much fun dressing her!! I went a little more traditional with the dress so we added a little fun with her polka dot tights and plaid red high tops. I added a headband I made for her and her look was complete. She was just too cute!! It was a wonderful first christmas!

Rowan is wearing:
Dress: JC Penny
Tights: Trumpette
Fur collar Cardigan: JC Penny
Headband: Handmade by me
High Tops: JC Penny

  1. You guys have such a beautiful family! I LOVE those matching fur collars!

  2. Me oh my, she is so cute! Look at those stockings! 🙂 hope you had nice holidays!

  3. Awww, so adorable. You make a really beautiful family. I have a little 14 month old niece that I get to play with at Christmas. So, even though I’m not a parent yet I know just how much joy a little baby can bring to the family. I wish all of you the best of luck in the new year!

  4. Your baby looks so cute I could pinch her through my screen! I also adore that gold pleated skirt.

  5. Absolutely ADORABLE. Very attractive family… 😀

  6. Smocking on dresses, one of the best little girl things in the world! I am dying of the cute. Happy new year!

  7. She looks like her daddy! 🙂 What a beautiful girl!

  8. What a cutie! And such an adorable headband!

  9. You guys make such a beautiful family!
    And a fur collar on a baby ? So freaking cute !!!!!!

  10. Those baby shoes are amazing!

  11. I love her little headbands! She’s just a little cutie. How do you make the headbands?

  12. Rowan just keeps getting cuter!

  13. CUTE! I often wish they made baby clothes and shoes in my size!

  14. Her little shoes are freaking adorable! I also love your outfit. I’m really into furs this season too.

  15. Aw, these photos are so cute! Haha – Rowan’s face in the last picture is cracking me up! She’s adorable!!

  16. Oh my! Rowan’s outfit is soooo cute! The ones of the three of you are adorable too!

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