Year in Review: Jan.-Mar.

I really love looking back thru old post and thru all my flickr sets. It’s so fun to relive so many memories. Its funny when you take a picture of your outfit everyday how the clothes themselves start to tell a story. I was trying to get rid of some things to friends the other day and Kev kept saying to me “you can’t get rid of that, thats the dress you wore ____, or you wore that when we went______” There was a story for every thing I was giving away. It was hard to part with the stuff but we will always have these pictures. In every picture I can remember what we were doing that day. What a crazy journal this whole fashion blogging thing creates.

Especially this year. I found out I was pregnant last Christmas while we were in Florida. So I was basically pregnant this entire year of pictures. These first pictures are really special because I hadn’t told the blog world yet. I am pregnant in all of these but only Kev and I knew. Later into the March ones I had announced it already, but its so funny to look back and think about how I was feeling in each of these pictures. Crazy! So here are my favorites from January, February and March 2010.




haha! I remember feeling like I liked so pregnant in some of those March ones. Little did I know how big I would actually get. Too funny!

Tomorrow we will look at my favorites from April, May and June.

  1. You really can pull off over the knee socks!

  2. that second paragraph is really sweet. i love looking back on great years! i’m loving Jan’s #1, Feb’s #2, and March’s #2 + #4. Very inspiring and lovely looks!

  3. That is so special that you are able to look back on those photos and remember your pregnancy that way. I hope to be able to do the same (a few years down the road). What a wonderful year you’ve had – hope 2011 is just as great for you!


  4. My favorite is the outfit with the one-strap shirt. It’s perfect.

  5. February #2 is truly AMAZING!

  6. You’re so beautiful! You look stunning in all these photos! How fun to be able to go back and remember how you were feeling with each outfit.

  7. Jen – I really like #2 and #4 from March! I’m looking forward to seeing the round-up of the other months this year. – Katy

  8. I love the first outfit in January- it looks cool and classic (and comfortable)! And the leopard print skirt outfit is awesome too!

  9. I love the March pictures because it is approximately at that time that I discovered your precious blog!

  10. The outfit with the denim vest is my favorite!

  11. Looking back I realize how much your blog has inspired my own wardrobe. I remember searching Forever 21 for months in search of the white lace tunic dress you wore in March. Finally I gave up, but then in November they finally had it in stock near me & I wore it to a Christmas party this year. I also saved my old black leather skirt from the donation pile after seeing yours!

    I have the same clothing memories. Like I will never get rid of the black blouse I wore when my husband proposed.

  12. loved the denim vest outfit and the one shoulder “sailor” outfit!!!!

  13. Yay, I love recaps 🙂 My favs are #2 in Jan and #3 and #4 in March!

  14. I love the one in Jan with the little denim vest and hot pink shirt! adorable 🙂

  15. I love the last one in January, with the pink shirt – it’s super cute and looks awesome on you! I only started reading your blog this past fall, so I’m glad I get to see a summary of what I missed 🙂

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