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Over the past nine months I feel like my style has really changed. It’s funny to stay it changed when I wasn’t able to wear any of the stuff I wanted to wear in the first place. I guess it gave me time to think and dream about what I would “really” want to wear. I even considered being done with the whole fashion part of this blog. In all honesty, I don’t wear heels very often any more, I don’t change handbags everyday to match my outfits, I don’t even feel all that dressed up or put together everyday. I wondered if what I really wanted to wear even had a place here. The truth is I still really like getting dressed though. I love putting together outfits, picking color combinations and using it as a creative outlet. I decided I wanted to take a new approach to style files around here. I want to spend this new year redefining my personal style and showcase what really works as a Mom of 2. I think you can find the perfect balance of casual, practical and fabulous and I intend to find it!

I’ve spent the last 6 days in pjs. How can you not after you just gave birth? I did actually put on pants yesterday for the first time, but it only lasted a trip to the museum and then I was back in leggings at home. I love being comfy, but I really don’t like pjs that don’t make me feel put together. We have had lots of guests over to visit and these J.Crew weekend leggings and Gap sweater have been the perfect outfit to feel presentable, cute and cozy. The leggings are thick, super soft and one of my most treasured items in my closet at the moment. I am not a fan of nursing tops, for me it is easier to just wear a loose tank over and nursing bra and then wear a layer that is easy to pull up. Unbuttoning shirts shows way more boob than just pulling up a layer. The tank under the swearter makes sure your stomach and side are still covered. Loving this simple new mom outfit.






Leggings: J.Crew (similar)
Boat Neck Sweater: Gap

  1. You look beautiful. And that colourful sweater is lovely!

  2. You look amazing! I wish my pj’s were as cute as yours! Congrats again on your new bundle of joy, she’s a doll!

  3. absolutely love the photos. Congrats on your new bundle. Makes me want to have another one.

  4. you look great! love the photos. congratulations!

  5. Gorgeous photos, Jen 🙂

    I love this outfit, btw. I gravitate towards leggings a lot, too. They’re so much easier to style AND be comfortable in.

  6. As a mom myself, I look forward to your future fashion posts. You look great!

  7. If I don’t put get dressed I find myself feeling a little snug in my jeans when I actually put them on. You’re right about mom style. I’m looking forward to see what you put together. I don’t care if I’m totally fashion forward I’m just happy when I feel good in what I wear. But I always get dressed nice for church and put daddy on baby, well toddler patrol. This way I don’t have to be concerned about a lot if bending over or my top being pulled on. You look beautiful and I can’t believe you have another baby! It’s surreal seeing your pics and being far away. I always think to myself, I wonder what’s going in over there right now. I hate being so far away. Ttys! Xo

  8. you look so beautiful in these. Such a beautiful, natural momma 🙂

  9. Loove the idea of mom style files!!! It has been so fun to transition with you myself! When I was teaching id check out your style posts, and now that I too have two little’s I’m looking forward to your mom style – because a mom needs style that functions! Thank you for sharing, encouraging & inspiring 🙂 enjoy the soft baby cuddles!!!

  10. You are so beautiful! Congratulations Jen! i’m not a mom yet but i’m taking notes! 🙂

  11. I am all for style inspiration for moms! Congrats!

  12. These are some of my all time favorite pictures of you, you look gorgeous, comfortable, and completely at home.

  13. You and baby are looking stunning in these photos! I love to see your evolving style. It’s only natural that style will change with life changes too

  14. I’m a new mom myself, and it has certainly been an interesting journey figuring out what in my wardrobe does and does not work for my new lifestyle. I think you look fabulous, and Finley is so sweet!

  15. after 7 children, I still have no sense of “mom style’… wow, I just admitted that… 😐 looking forward to seeing your new style throughout the year. congrats again on that beautiful girl! enjoy every second of it 🙂

  16. Natalie •

    I’m so glad you’ll be keeping up your fashion posts! I’ve been reading a number of fashion blogs for years, but yours is the only one I read now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, too. I have so little cash or time for myself, not to mention the changes my body went through, that I get depressed reading all the career-girl fashion blogs. It makes me so happy to read your blog and see that one can be stylish on a budget and as a stay-at-home mom! I’ve been in a rut trying to figure out what to wear with my nursing camis…can’t wait to see what you put together!

  17. beautiful! i want some of those leggings!

  18. These photos are so beautiful! You look absolutely gorgeous xx

  19. you look positively radiant!

    I can’t wait to see how your style transitions as a mother of two. you inspire me like WHOA!

  20. Maybe it’s just me but you look REALLY young! I love the name Finley. What a cool name. Congrats!

  21. Congrats on wee Finley, she’s gorgeous! Love the top photo, such a beautiful moment.

    I’d love to see more mum friendly outfits. Since the arrival off my wee girl nearly 9 months ago I’ve been struggling with looking stylish while wearing something practical for nursing and spending lots of time on the floor playing with a baby. It’s frustrating having so many pretty dresses in my closet from my ‘old life’ and not being able to wear them!

  22. I want to wear pajamas a lot. I want to look put together. Pajamas.. that make me look put together? Why didn’t I think of this myself?

    Thanks for this post. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You look so incredible !!! So relaxed and happy.

    Best of luck to you as you figure out balancing life with two kids. Finley is so precious. I have a teeny little baby named Finny myself.

  23. well i see you found the j.crew pixie pants 🙂 hehe i am such a nerd employee, but yes these are my faaaaavorite! they are so cozy and can totally double as pants with boots and an oversized top. you’re adorable and so is your new baby girl. congrats lady <3

  24. You are glowing! And I love that outfit. What a beautiful baby girl!!!

  25. So cute! I’m all about cute AND practical. I too am I stay at home mom of three. I rarely “get dressed” but always change my clothes in the morn…I’ve categorized them as “chill clothes”. I’m comfy but can still run to the store if I need to and feel I look presentable! 😉 and I totally agree about nursing with the tanks. I’ve been known to cut a slit across the front side of my favored H&M tanks under my bustline. & hemmed it with elastic thread. It looks pretty silly alone, but its my under layer and keeps everything covered while nursing! I suffer from an excess of clevege so my top part is just as important to me to keep covered!

  26. First let me say your baby is adorable. I love babies and their baby cuteness. I love your sweater the color is amazing. I like your new idea on outfits. Its cool to actually find a balance on looking good while still being able to juggle your kids. I’m really looking forward to seeing what outfits you put together.

  27. I love love your mama style. If I could rifle through your seconds I surely would. 🙂

  28. You look fantastic and relaxed for just giving birth! Congrats on your sweet little one. Personally, I don’t think fashion should be all about heels and bags anyway. I love fashion, but those two things don’t make it into my outfits very often and I am not a mom. I am all for comfort while looking good. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comfy outfits you have waiting in the wings.

    Ellies Wonder

  29. I love your blog. I am always reading but I never comment so I decided to. I was always coming to your page to see if you had your baby girl already. Congratulations. Love how true and real you are. I am not a mommy but I hope I continue to have style once I become one.

  30. You two look GORGEOUS! Perfect new mom outfit and perfect little one. xo

  31. Congratulations on your brand new baby girl!!! These photos are precious. Both of you are beautiful. 🙂

  32. oh my God you look so beautifull and happy….kind jealus of you (in a good way)
    welldone mama…….congrats for your “new addition”

  33. i hear you love 🙂 But don’t pressure yourself honey – i speak from experience – that transition to having 2 kids is a hard one. Embrace the PJ’s. Its okay. It really is. I know style changes after kids – and for me it changed the most after two as well. But don’t worry about it now 🙂 you stick to leggings and sweaters if that’s comfy.
    It will get easier! Big hugs my dear friend.!!


  34. Congratulations! I agree with the “embrace the pjs” comment. Especially if they’re kind of ambiguous, like leggings. I remember not really knowing if i was “dressed” or not after a few days… you don’t really “go to bed,” so the days can get a little screwy. No worries, everything will balance out in time 🙂

  35. Congratulations on little Finley! You look fantastic. And, if you wore real pants after six days, you’re doing better than most of my undergrads. Most of which have zero children. 🙂

  36. Danielle M •

    Congratulations! She is beautiful! I’m excited to see your new wardrobe. I’m in the same boat, trying to figure out how to feel “dressed” and fashionable, while being practical as a mom. =)

  37. yes!! this kind of thing has so been my go-to mom outfit for the last 5 months. i am all over that nursing layer situation!! you look beautiful, congrats on having another tiny love to snuggle!!

  38. that sweater is PERFECT. I love it. you’re beautiful!

  39. Sarahjane •

    I am due with my third child in 8 weeks and have been looking for some comfortable post-baby clothes to look forward to wearing. I ordered these pants as soon as I read your post. You look so comfortable!

  40. I have the same nursing ideal! I don’t own any nursing tops. I always layer two tanks or a tank and a tee. The tank covers my lower body and I pull up the Tshirt or top layer so only a boob is exposed and usually covered by baby head, sweater, cardi or blanket thrown over the shoulder. So comfy!

  41. you look simply amazing. i am so so so happy for you guys. what a beautiful new addition.

  42. LOVE the comfy outfit. I’ve been looking for a pair of leggings just like that – something different from the basic black but not sloppy pjs. Congratulations on the new baby girl!

  43. I’m about to give birth any minute (for the first time), and your blog has been a sweet reminder of what’s to come. Thank you for sharing and please continue 🙂

  44. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations 🙂

  45. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a few years now and this post has by far been my favorite. I have a 10 month old and I love fashion but it seems since having him, I’ve been resigned to the fact that I can only wear jeans and easy to nurse in shirts. I am excited to see how your style changes and what ideas I can ‘steal’. I still want to express myself and enjoy what I wear…even if it is comfy but cute clothes at home for the days we don’t go out.

    Congratulations on your new little one!

  46. I only figured out on baby #2 that I could make my own nursing tips by getting a jersey top (usually a tank with cute detailing) and cutting it a couple inches past my bra line. Then you can pull it up, pull the nursing bra down and keep some of the clevege under control with button down tips or vnecks. If you use jersey it rolls at the end so no need to hem. Super easy!

  47. I absolutely love this post. The photos are darling and it seriously helped me feel like pulling myself together is DOABLE!!! You make it easy! Thanks for that:)

  48. Congratulations Jen!! You have a beautiful family! I love your blog. I have an 8 month old son and I am still wearing leggings on a regular basis. I’m lucky if I ever get dressed. I’m always looking for style ideas and inspiration. Thank you!

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