Snack Time!



Keeping things super simple today. I wanted to share my most favorite snack lately. I probably eat it way too much- Let’s just pretend it’s healthier for you than it really is. Are you ready? All you need is 1. Some french baguette 2. Some Creme de Brie 3. Honey 4. Raspberries. Toast the bread, smoother with honey and creamy, delicious brie and then smash some raspberries on top. Oh goodness. It’s yummy.

My sister sent me a bunch of tea for my bday and this one rocks my socks. It’s all 3 of my favorite teas in one. Chamomile, peppermint & ginger. Now if I time is just right, I may just get a few minutes to myself with one kid at school and the other down for a nap to enjoy some tea and this yummy snack.

What’s your favorite snack?

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