My Everyday Style | Alt Summit Edition

Let’s just say I packed way, way too much for Alt. I tried really hard to only bring what I knew I was going to wear but extra stuff just creeped in. I did however plan some outfits I knew I would feel confident and comfortable in. I promised myself I wasn’t going to let it be a big fashion show and get all intimidated by what others were wearing. Don’t you hate that feeling? It’s so silly. I just wanted to have fun and know that after I decided what to wear I wasn’t going to worry about it anymore. This will be a 2 part series. Here are my first 3 outfits from Alt. Summit…




^^ Worn: Conference Day One
I looked through my pinterest fashion board before I left for some inspiration. I noticed I had pinned a lot of Denim on Denim, especially involving jean skirts. I knew I wanted to wear something just like that.
OUTFIT ONE DETAILS: Joe Fresh Denim Shirt (similar), Modcloth Denim Skirt (Simiar), Kork-Ease Boots, Bonlook Glasses, Michael Kors Watch, Rings from Forever 21 and Moorea Seal.





^^ Worn: Mini Parties on Friday Night
OUTFIT TWO DETAILS: J.Crew Shirt (Almost exactly the same!), Lulu*s Necklace, UO Moto Leather Pants (Similar), BCBG Heels (similar), Michael Kors Watch




^^ Worn: Thursday Night GREEN Party
When I found out the theme for the party was “green”, I was kind of bummed. I literally own nothing green. I guess I really don’t like wearing that color. Who knew? I started looking online but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Nothing! Well, nothing that was under $100. I wasn’t about to buy something (I would only be wearing once) for butt loads of money. I decided I would try making a skirt instead. I headed to Jo Ann’s and found the taffeta on sale for $1.50 a yard. Oh yeah!! 4 yards, 1 gold zipper, some new green thread and I was out the door for a total of $12. Fist pumps anyone? I was a little scared it wouldn’t come out that well. I totally made it the night before my morning flight out there. Nothing like some healthy pressure to get it done. It’s nothing fancy or show worthy, but all in all it turned out pretty well for a girl who doesn’t sew great. I was pretty proud of myself. No pattern or anything! A few pinterest searches for skirt tutorials and then I just sort of went for it.
OUTFIT THREE DETAILS: J.Crew Button Up (similar, similar), Self-made skirt, BCDG Heels (similar), Moorea Seal Necklace, Michael Kors Watch.

Our Everyday Style | 10.24.13



Let’s chat about a few random things shall we?

1. The Roots sweatshirts I got for the girls in Canada are rocking my world right now. So nostalgic!
2. I am majorly addicted to making Finley baby food at the moment.
3. I got some Bolt House Farms Peppermint Mocha today at the store and let me just say YES!
4. Mommy and Rowans date nights are awesome
5. When people can’t turn and blow their cigarette smoke in a different direction as I pass with the girls. It makes me all stabby and ragey on the inside. Yes those are real words.
6. Rowan has reverted to calling me “mama”? Not sure why but I think I like it.
7. Why are gingersnaps so good?
8. What is a rainbow loom and why are there giant displays everywhere I go?
9. Jackets, cold weather, kids and car seats make me crazy. On and off, on and off. I get why they aren’t safe in the car seat but ahh it’s so annoying when you are doing errands.
10. Shopping carts that won’t turn right. Blah.
11. 9 months is like pure magic as far as baby ages are concerned. Swoon.
12. We finally turned our heat on.
13. How do you convince your 3 year old to be anything other than a princess for halloween?
14. Kev is awesome.
15. We are hoping to plan a vacation in December but can’t decide where to go? Ideas?
16. I feel like the socks to clothes ratio in any given load of laundry is 70-30. Why are there so many socks? I think baby socks need that string attached to them like kids mittens.
17. Finley is obsessed with animals. It cracks us up.
18. I am the worst school parent. I forget something Rowan needs to bring in like once a week.
19. My 2 favorite fashion blogs will always be Kendi Everyday and What I Wore. My home girls.
20. How does one decide when they are done having kids? It seems like a question I can’t really find an answer for.

Rowan loves the remote for the camera. She will sit in front of the camera for a good 20 mins taking pictures of herself. She was in charge of all these…








Sweater: Forever 21
White Tee: Urban Outfitters
Leather Leggings: Blank NYC (similar)
Boots: Vince Camuto (similar & similar)

Sweater: Roots
Leggings: H&M

Sweatshirt: Roots
Leggings: Joe Fresh

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