Our Everyday Style | 07.27.16


First and foremost… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!! I LOVE YOU.

Ok, now on to a good ol’ outfit post. Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the post the other day. I love all you guys! and I love hearing from you all. I don’t plan on stopping blogging anytime soon. This has become our family journey and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Not sure what is up this week but I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug. 4 Posts this week so far?? Who am I?

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and decided to take some outfit pictures when we got home. I wasn’t planning for the girls to be in the pictures but they love the camera (or should I say the remote) and wanted to jump in. I can’t say no to some pictures with my girls. I can’t help but look at Rowan lately and think she is just so grown up! I mean first grade soon?!?! That is crazy. She is so smart, artistic and funny. Love her!

I’ve been trying to only really invest in quality clothes lately for myself. I don’t buy a lot but I buy a few nice items every season. It ends up being the same expense as buying a ton of random things every time I go into old navy, target or forever 21. Most of that stuff doesn’t last and doesn’t fit me great. I am starting to see the value in doing that for the kids as well. The only clothes that are in the boxes downstairs to save or pass on to younger kids are the clothes I spent a little more money for. I search the sale section of Tea Collection, Hanna Andersson and Boden like whoa! Hahahahah. Love a good deal and love the quality of all their kids clothes.

p.s. loving a more straight leg cropped jean this summer!












Top: Madewell (They have a size L over here– also in black and white)
Bottoms: LOFT
Sandals: last season (similar)
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Dress: Tea Collection (she also just got this one)

Dress: Was Rowan’s from Gap (similar)

What Rowan Wore


Rowan’s first day of school ended up being on her 3rd birthday. At first I thought “oh that kinda stinks” but then I realized Rowan would be over the moon excited about it. It was a bitter sweet moment for me. I will admit I shed a few tears in the car driving away. How is she this old? Though, I feel like I teared up because I am just so proud of the little girl that she is. It’s a good feeling huh? To not only love your kid because well, they are your kid but to love them for the person they are as well. She is kind, sweet, and oh so brave. She has the silliest sense of humor. She cracks me up with her dancing every time she hears music and the ridiculous words she makes up that she thinks are way too funny. I love that when I close my eyes I can picture her round little face, with her big eyes and I can hear her infectious laugh. The real deep hearty laugh she does when she thinks something is especially funny. She’s a special one, that’s for sure!

So here’s to you my sweet Rowan Winter. I am so excited for what you are going to learn this year!
and now a ridiculous amount of pictures…









Cardigan: Gift from Grandma
Tank: Gap
Skirt: Gap
Socks: Ruum (american eagle kids store. who in the world thought it was a good idea to call it ruum?)
Glitter Shoes: Ruum
Backpack: Herschel Supply Co. via Amazon

Our Everyday Style | 08.27.13


Umm Rowan starts Preschool next week. Can we all just take a second to process that. What?!?!? Crazy town. I am not ready for this summer to be over. Also, I turn 31 next Wednesday. 31?!?! I liked turning 30, but 31?? I am not so sure about. Eeeeek! Well, so far this post has nothing to do with these outfits. Nothing special to say other than we got dressed today and this is what we wore. We went to Hobby Lobby and waited in line for the new Habitat Restore to open. We got a sweet Kilim rug for $20. I love that place.

That concludes the most boring post ever.






Skirt: Gap (similar)
Tank: Old Navy
Sandals: Salt-Waters

Polka Dot Button Up: Forever 21
Chambray Skirt: jcpenney (just as cute!)
Heels: c/o Lulu’s (Available here)

Romper: Old Navy

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