You know who I think are pretty darn special? Grandparents. Sometimes I get weepy just thinking about how lucky Rowan and Finley are. They have 2 sets of Grandparents who love them to death. They are the engaged, down on the ground playing silly games, spoiling them left and right, doing everything they can for them kind of grandparents. We don’t live super close to either my parents or Kev’s, but we try our best to see everyone as much as we can. I think it’s so important for them to be in their lives as much possible. They (us too) can learn so much from their perspectives, their wisdom and their kind of love. Because it’s a special kind of love that a Grandma (or meme) has with their grandkid. One that I look forward to experiencing one day. Can you even imagine what that feels like? To know that this little baby was created by your own baby? How awesome?

Did you know that Grandparents day is September 8th? We have been working with 4Moms over the past few months and although I don’t hold giveaways on my blog anymore. I wanted to share a crazy good opportunity for you guys. If you head over to their facebook page you can enter to win 4Moms gear for both your house and your kiddos grandparents house. 2 Mamaroos and 2 Breezes. Waaaa hoooo! Awesome, right?

Let’s remember to make our parents feel special this year on Grandparents Day!


This was a sponsored post by 4Moms, but obviously my thoughts on my parents are my own. I LOVE THEM! Thanks for supporting jenloveskev. Sponsored post like this let us give generously to our monthly service projects.

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