My Everyday Style | Alt Summit Edition

Let’s just say I packed way, way too much for Alt. I tried really hard to only bring what I knew I was going to wear but extra stuff just creeped in. I did however plan some outfits I knew I would feel confident and comfortable in. I promised myself I wasn’t going to let it be a big fashion show and get all intimidated by what others were wearing. Don’t you hate that feeling? It’s so silly. I just wanted to have fun and know that after I decided what to wear I wasn’t going to worry about it anymore. This will be a 2 part series. Here are my first 3 outfits from Alt. Summit…




^^ Worn: Conference Day One
I looked through my pinterest fashion board before I left for some inspiration. I noticed I had pinned a lot of Denim on Denim, especially involving jean skirts. I knew I wanted to wear something just like that.
OUTFIT ONE DETAILS: Joe Fresh Denim Shirt (similar), Modcloth Denim Skirt (Simiar), Kork-Ease Boots, Bonlook Glasses, Michael Kors Watch, Rings from Forever 21 and Moorea Seal.





^^ Worn: Mini Parties on Friday Night
OUTFIT TWO DETAILS: J.Crew Shirt (Almost exactly the same!), Lulu*s Necklace, UO Moto Leather Pants (Similar), BCBG Heels (similar), Michael Kors Watch




^^ Worn: Thursday Night GREEN Party
When I found out the theme for the party was “green”, I was kind of bummed. I literally own nothing green. I guess I really don’t like wearing that color. Who knew? I started looking online but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Nothing! Well, nothing that was under $100. I wasn’t about to buy something (I would only be wearing once) for butt loads of money. I decided I would try making a skirt instead. I headed to Jo Ann’s and found the taffeta on sale for $1.50 a yard. Oh yeah!! 4 yards, 1 gold zipper, some new green thread and I was out the door for a total of $12. Fist pumps anyone? I was a little scared it wouldn’t come out that well. I totally made it the night before my morning flight out there. Nothing like some healthy pressure to get it done. It’s nothing fancy or show worthy, but all in all it turned out pretty well for a girl who doesn’t sew great. I was pretty proud of myself. No pattern or anything! A few pinterest searches for skirt tutorials and then I just sort of went for it.
OUTFIT THREE DETAILS: J.Crew Button Up (similar, similar), Self-made skirt, BCDG Heels (similar), Moorea Seal Necklace, Michael Kors Watch.

My Everyday Style | 12.05.13






Plaid Button Up: J.Crew (on sale with another 30% off)
Necklace: Clyde’s Rebirth
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Maggie Glasses: c/o Bonlook
Heels: Kork-Ease
Polka Dot Socks: Target

An impromptu Family Picture


If you follow me on instagram you probably saw all my pictures of the craft class I taught last weekend. My sweet friend Amy opened up one of the coolest shops I have ever seen about a year ago. It’s full of antique vendors, vintage clothes and handmade goods. I seriously could spend hours in there wondering around. Anyway, they have this really cool space to have classes. I taught a felt flower holiday wreath class. It was packed with around 30 ladies. I also had a little pop up shop that day to showcase some of my necklaces. I won’t lie. It was a pretty awesome day!! It was a whole lot of what I love rolled up into one day! Art, teaching, friends, shopping- what’s not to love!

The shop is in a super cool old building and since we were all there together, we decided last minute to try to take a family photo. We are at an age at the moment that if Rowan isn’t in the mood for pictures there is no way you are getting a picture. There was a lot of squirming and wiggling around so they aren’t the best family photos, but it’s a photo of all of us nonetheless. Something that doesn’t happen all that often. I’ll take whatever we can get. Thanks Adam!

















My Everyday Style | 12.03.13


It’s getting to the point where coats are a necessary part of any outfit. Brrrr! That’s why I feel like it’s ok to have lots of coats (right?). For those American folks- Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We had a wonderful time with Kev’s family. We also got to bring Rowan to her very first movie! We went to see Frozen. It was awesome. Anyone else see it? Wasn’t it so good? Rowan was so cute. Of course I teared up when we walked into the theatre and she held her hand over her mouth and said “whoa!”. I don’t think she had any idea what a movie theatre was. Her sweet little commentary during the movie was the best part. It was cracking me up.

What was with that weird Mickey short in the beginning? We weren’t fans. Rowan thought it was scary. Anyway, I love me some buffalo plaid!





Jacket: Asos
Vintage Fur Collar: My Grandma
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Loft
Blouse: Nordstorms
Boots: Matiko
Fancy Pants Glasses: c/o Bonlook


Everyday Style | 11.19.13


A few things about this outfit…
1. I like wearing scarfs bandana style. It makes me feel like I’m still 17 going to a hardcore show.

2. Growing your bangs out sucks. And will always be the worst.

3. I love the color of this skirt. Also, I swapped it with Julie and when I wear it I think of her and that makes me happy.

4. This skirt is still a little tight in the waist (baby weight. grrr). Not the right choice when I had to sit most of the day yesterday in the car or at moms group. #suckingitin

5. This shirt is amazing. Go buy it now. It’s on sale and I promise it will go with EVERYTHING

6. That is all. We are off to ikea today. Let’s hope this 3 hour drive is worth it.






Green Military Button Up: J.Crew (On Sale!)
Wool Skirt: Swapped (similar)
Scarf: Thrifted (Similar)
Dylan Glasses: c/o Bonlook
Tights: Spanx
Ankle Boots: Madewell (Similar cheaper version)


My Everyday Style | 09.23.13


Our friends invited us to go apple picking with them yesterday after church. And since we didn’t have plans, we hopped in the car right after church and headed down to Kinderhook, NY for a lovely fall afternoon. Sometimes it’s the trips that aren’t planned out that end up being the most fun.

I haven’t been in an American Eagle in quite sometime. After teaching high school kids, I sort of just associate that store with teens. I found myself in an American Eagle last week though looking for jeans for Kev. I noticed they had some high waisted jeggings. I hate that word, but I like what they stand for. Sometimes I find that skinny jeans aren’t skinny enough for me. Jeggings seem to be the way to go. As long as they are more jeans than leggings. Anyway. I decided to try them on for the fun of it and well, they are awesome! I got a black pair and then I found these ankle moto style ones. The waist is high but not too high. Perfect!





White Linen Tee: LOFT (similar)
Flannel: Thirfted (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle
Necklace: Clydes Rebirth
Glasses: c/o Bonlook
Sandals: Crown Vintage via DSW
Watch: c/o Lulu’s

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

My Everyday Style | June 11th

I like when the weather warms up because I can wear wedges more often. They are much easier to wear with kids around than heels. Granted I am not wearing them to the playground, but I can handle a few errands with them on. Now these ones aren’t Kork-Ease sandals but boy, oh boy do I love those wedges. I saw some at Marshalls the other day and just about jumped up and down right there in the store. Hands down the most comfortable wedges/shoes out there!! Although, I have been thinking I need a pair of the gold Swedish Hasbeens.

Do you have a favorite summer shoe?
and can someone please make it stop raining? my frizzy hair would appreciate it!

B&W Stripes

B&W Stripes

B&W Stripes

B&W Stripes

Striped Dress: Modcloth
Vest: Similar
Wedges: Similar
Scarf: Similar

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