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It’s Monday! Did the weekend go fast for anyone else? I thought all day yesterday it was only Saturday. We are missing Kev a lot this morning. We spent the weekend celebrating a little friends bday and exploring the adirondacks with friends. I may have over done it though with the hike yesterday. I always think I will be fine and don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse but I’m feeling that hike today. I am exhausted and kind of achy all over. Whoops. I guess it’s time to maybe start slowing down a tiny bit. Is it October yet?

Anyway, we had a super fun treat arrive all packed in dry ice on Thursday. It’s-It were sweet enough to send us a yummy package of their delicious ice cream treats to try out. Let’s just say they’re amazing and every single one of them is gone already. Something about that oatmeal cookie makes these things SO.DANG.GOOD!!! My favorites were the cappuccino, mint and plain ol’ vanilla. You can bet we will be ordering these San Francisco treats again very soon. I mean I may have already ordered more. They ship overnight so they arrive frozen and ready to eat. Yum!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things from around the internet this week…

1. The perfect slouchy top for fall. I am pretty sure I am going to be living in this shirt! Hello 40% off today!!!

2. My most favorite place to buy jewelry! Such a good selection of delicate necklaces, rings and earrings. All reasonably priced as well!

3. TACOS!!!! How good do these 2 recipes look? One with meat and one without.

4. How cute is this shower curtain? I love it so much!!

5. How cool does this bottle ranch look? Totally want to visit here!!

6. On the look out for a seriously cool blazer for fall. Love this cross between blazer and sort of trench type twill blazer.

7. Ummm I don’t think I could love this new little baby anymore!! We share the same name!! So happy for Danielle and family.

8. Just got a pair of new Dr. Martens in the mail for fall. Seriously considering getting matching ones for the girls. So nostalgic!

9. These Lou & Grey Joggers sort of look like heaven!

10. ow awesome is this diy necklace?

11. What are your thoughts on saddle shoes? Would you wear them? I kind of love them. Love this traditional pair or a more subtle/more oxford type pair.

12. The courier shirts are my most favorite thing that Madewell makes. I can’t get enough. Just ordered this plain white one for fall.

13. Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Check out my crafts with kids folder on pinterest. Lots of good ideas over there!

14. Did you see that The Honest Company is now selling organic cotton tampons? Soon they will be releasing a new make line as well. So awesome!

15. An awesome new series from one of my favorite Mom bloggers. If you have pre-teen or teen boys check it out!!!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! We are off to Rochester for the weekend to see my 2 sisters and to hang out with Julie and Chris!! I am so super excited. Who knew Rochesters was smack dab in the middle of Albany and Pittsburgh. Here are my favorite items from around the web this week…



1. LOFT is having a 40% off sale ON EVERYTHING!!! I am kind of dying over all the simple and chic items they have for spring. The styling is perfect on the pictures above. I really like what they are doing over there! 40% off!!

2. I got these jeans the other day and they are PERFECT! and so inexpensive. I love them.

3. Oh I just loved this post from Danielle. So Sweet.

4. Doing something special for Valentines Day? This is the perfect dress!

5. Warm brussels sprout salad. How delicious!!

6. I kind of really want this cat sweatshirt.

7. This is my dream item right now. It’s just so pretty!

8. So super excited for Jessica. Her new job sounds like a dream!

9. Love this super sweet and simple Kate Spade watch.

10. Cutest dang pregnant lady out there! Almost makes me wish I was pregnant again.

11. These are my most favorite heels that I own. Back in stock!!!

12. THIS SALAD!!! OMGOSH!!! I want to eat it all now!

13. Have we talked about how cute babies are in scarves? These are my favorite!! I want them all.

Friday Favorites

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

Our Halloween was pretty rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop us from trying to make the most of it. Rowan was not only one Princess, but two Princesses on Thursday. Cinderella for her school party and then Princess Peach for Halloween night. I will admit that she didn’t know who Princess Peach was and thought she was a lalaloopsy Princess instead. Ha! It was a lalaloopsy dress from target- I just added the medallion in the center and made the crown to match Princess Peach. I wanted her to match her little Super Mario friends. Shhh don’t tell her. Wasn’t it so fun to see everyone’s kids dressed up on Halloween on instagram? It made my whole night. I loved it. So, so cute!!

Here are some of my favorite things and blog posts from this past week!
1. Almost everything over at the LOFT is 50% off!!! Umm hello! This green wool moto jacket is calling my name!

2. My 3 favorites halloween posts from around the blogosphere. 1 | 2 | 3 So dang cute!!

3. This dress is blowing my mind!! I want it so badly. I better start saving my pennies.

4. I get so excited when I see someone following their dreams and doing something exciting. So very happy for Jentine. Can’t wait to go visit her store next time I am up in Canada.

5. The cold weather is here and we are deep into marathon training. Time to get some new warm running gear! Love these cozy runnings pants, this headband and this awesome running hoodie.

6. Lesley has such a wonderful heart! Love this honest post from her.

7. Hands down my most favorite shoes for Finley. Nothing stays on her feet better or looks cuter than these shoes. I have a hard time not buying every color.

8. I’ve been on a mad search for a compact double stroller. I don’t want a side by side stroller but I want both seats to lay back- and I am pretty sure I found the perfect one!! LOVE this one!! Any one have this one? I’d love to hear reviews.

9. Such a great post and such beautiful pictures. Love Anna and her family.

10. How perfect is this little purse? Love the plaid!

11. Stocking up on cold weather gear for the kids too. Ordered a cute little North Face jacket for Finley and I don’t know why but I think these boots for kids are 1. totally acceptable 2. super cute and 3. practical. I just ordered a new pair for Rowan since she grew out of the ones she had last year.

12. Love this time of year beacause it means it’s 50 DIY Days of Christmas over on The Paper Mama

13. Absolutely swooning over this necklace. The colors are just too beautiful!!

14. Have you checked out Little Hip Squeaks lately? Oh man, there are some crazy cute things right now!

15. This lamp is pretty awesome. Love those Edison bulbs.

Friday Favorites



To say I have a coat addiction would be an understatement. Modcloth is having a 25% off sale on all their outerwear and boy! do they have some cute options.

Other favorites this week:
1. Totally bought this sweater in grey and oat. It’s like the most perfect grandpa yet still fitted cardigan (and on sale!!). Perfect to wear over slouchy tees like this. With some cute ankle boots.

2. Omgosh. How cute is Julie in this post? Wish I was able to go to Johnny Cash night with her and Chris.

3. Love this cozy Pendleton blanket! Now I just need a fireplace and some hot chocolate.

4. Lesley did such a great job on their kitchen redo. Oh man it’s 100% perfect.

5. I pretty much die over Mini Boden dresses. They are just so darn cute for baby. I would like to get this one, this one and this one for sweet little Fin. They are also having a sale this weekend. Clothes for the whole family!

6. This surprise just about knocked my socks off. Wow! What a story. Hahah. I love this family!!

7. This adorable Kate Spade dress is 40% off. It’s so dang cute. I can’t stand it.

8. I share so many of Anna’s thoughts in this post. It’s hard finding the right balance.

9. This kills me! Matching Dr. Martens for Finley and Rowan

10. 2 very different dresses but I love them both the same. Love the embroidery on this one and this one is just perfect for the holidays.


Weekend Links


Photo by my beautiful friend Danielle

Happy Weekend friends. Hasn’t the weather been AMAZING lately? The fall is such a time of rebirth for me. I always feel like it’s the new year more now than in January. Maybe that’s just the teacher in me? Anyway, it’s spurred lots of soul searching lately. More on that when I can gather my thoughts a little better but for now I leave you with some weekend links.

Don’t you love when there is a sale on sale items? It’s pretty much one of my favorite things. I decided to include some of my favorite items that I’ve been adding to my online shopping cart this past week.
1. All sale items at LOFT are an extra 50% off. Boom. I am in love with this sweater, this sweater, this striped boatneck shirt, this pencil skirt (ooh the color!) and this polka dot blazer.

2. J.Crew is an extra 40% off sale. This one gets me because they have a kids section. Eeek! I bought this skirt for Rowan, this fancy baseball top for me and this shirt for Kev.

3. Oh Madewell! This varsity jacket sweater, these jeans, this skirt. Love them all!

4. 1, 2, 3 pretty dresses all 30% off over at Modcloth.

5. Obsessed with sweaters and coats as the weather gets colder. Always looking for a good deal. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Update: All sale items at urban outfitters are an extra 50%!!

And here are some of my most favorite blog posts from around the internet this past week.
1. Oh my goodness! This makes me so excited for Finley to get older. It’s just the sweetest little story.

2. An Iris Apfel halloween costume? on a kid? I’m dead!

3. Pretty sure this is by far my most favorite outfit on Katie. Ever. So dang pretty.

4. I know there is lots of talk out there about Birkenstock’s this season but I don’t think anyone can pull them off as well asJulie. She rules all!

5. Icelandic Pancakes sound like heaven. Monica please come to my house next month when you are in nyc and make these for breakfast. Please and thank you!

6. I am seriously like a 13 year old boy. Anything I get to light on fire sounds pretty cool to me. A whole mug of candles? Yes please!

7. Yen looks like one hot mama in this dress! Plus it look so cozy, which makes it the perfect dress.

8. Pretty much my favorite house.

9. This post is just so sweet. Boy, I love this darling family.

10. How freakin’ cool does Merl’s new store look? Wow. So awesome! Go visit if you are in Chicago.

Favorite Finds…

Happy Monday!
This is the week to get crap done! Oh boy! I have a to-do list that is about a mile long. We leave Thursday night for Texas and I have a boulder size ball of anxiety in my chest about leaving Finley. That is whole other blog post though. I still need to finish (i mean write) my workshop talk for the conference. Eek! I am just so nervous it’s making me doubt everything I want to say. At least I will get to hang out with the above lovely lady all weekend! Well, I leave you with my favorite links from around the internet this past week and a bunch of phone photos that make me smile.

Let’s knock this week out of the park!

1. This oversized cardigan (sweatshirt?) looks like probably the most comfy thing ever.

2. How adorable is this Stella McCartney Kids bloomers set? And it’s on sale!

3. How cute are these pies? and only .69 cents!

4. A bright red, tweed, motorcycle jacket? Oh goodness.

5. How adorable is Linda? Love her in this pretty pink dress.

6. I would love to be lounging in these Nike pants. Also, how cool are the color combo in these running shoes. Oh I love new work out gear.

7. Tears. Tears. Tears. Loved Rachael’s birth story.

8. Love the fit and shape of this skirt. Makes me want to twirl around.

9. I’ve been wanting to do one of these zombie runs! Don’t they look like so much fun?

10. Kind of dying to get these jeans. Just need to justify the price though. So perfect for fall.

11. 2 words. This cookie!

12. My most favorite place to get jewelry! Always great prices. Look how pretty this necklace is.

13. Loved reading this little brain dump over on Sometimes Sweet.

14. I have 2 of these personalized wire necklaces. One Finley one and one Rowan one. I love them so very, very much. So delicate and beautiful!

15. Oh Goodness! I love these shoes. Cap toe shoes get me everytime!

*the most amazing stroller ever in the top picture was a gift from 4Moms.

Favorite Finds…

Hey friends! How was your weekend? Our was low key and well, sort of chaotic all at the same time. We ended up at urgent care yesterday with Rowan. She’s got a bad case of swimmers ear and was not a happy camper. Poor girl. I also worked on my workshop talk for TxSC Conference. I am getting so pumped up for it. I can’t wait to have a great discussion with everyone over dealing with critics. Check out the updated schedule!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

and now for some other favorites around the internet…
1. Have you ever heard of True&Co.? Such an awesome way to shop for bras when you don’t have the time to head to the mall. I got my first box last week and all but one were keepers. I LOVED them. Sign up and get $15 off.

2. I am such a sucker for a cute, full skirt. Love the color of this one and how can you resist this pretty plaid?

3. Definitely need to try making these marbled popsicles. They look so yummy!

4. My absolute favorite bathing suit bottoms. They go with everything and fit like a charm.

5. I love this blog so much. How pretty are her wedding photos?

6. Love me some Kate Spade- and this skirt is majorly on sale!

7. How cool is this Camp themed birthday party? Oooh the details!

8. I am pretty sure these might be the only shoes Finley will ever wear.

9. Kids, picking sunflowers at golden hour- can it get any cuter?

10. The most comfy, extra high waisted jeans ever! Seriously, so good.

11. How cute is this patterned shirt dress? Love the detail in the back.

12. I really can’t seem to get enough of these ladies or their blog!

13. Let’s talk about shoes, shall we? I would like to add this pair, this pair, this pair and this pair to my closet please and thank you.

14. Such a beautiful soul. Inside and out.

15. This stroller is like a robot and we seriously can’t stop using it. It is so freakin’ cool!

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