Tiny Dancer


Ever have that moment as a parent when you look at your child and can clearly see them as a teen? It’s a very strange thing to experience. It has only happened a few times to me and every time I am taken aback at this idea of my baby all grown up. I had a very, very clear picture of Rowan as a teen the other day when we brought her to her very first dance recital. It wasn’t during the recital that I saw it though, it came after. She stood there with her friends giggling and acting excited over what had just happened. Then it hit me. I could envision going to find her after a high school track meet, soccer game, theatre performance, or whatever it may be. Standing with her friends excited and sharing stories over what they just accomplished. I saw her being brave, yet a little reserved. She is going to be a leader; I just know it. She is the best combination of outgoing and sensitive. I feel like we are entering into this new stage with her. The one where she is old enough to be dropped off at things like ballet camp. Where she can stretch her wings and be a little more independent. She starts school this fall and I know without a doubt that she is just going to LOVE it! It’s fun to try to guess what your kids will be like when they get bigger. I am not wishing away this time right now, but I like seeing the little glimmer of their personalities all grown up.








*it was an Angelina Ballerina Dance Camp- that’s why they have mouse ears on.

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