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Our Everyday Style | Denim Love #32weeks


It’s back to school season! Can you believe it? Whenever I think of fall or back to school fashion I naturally think of denim. Well, no matter what season it is I think denim. I am kind of obsessed. I would be embarrassed to admit how many chambray shirts I have in my closet or how many denim dresses are in the girl’s. I am just drawn to it. It’s the closet staple that never goes out of style. This week we teamed up with Kohl’s to style up some must have denim items for this years back to school season. Kohl’s has a great selection of denim for the whole family. As you can see from the picture we are not afraid of a little denim on denim action. Hahahah! Canadian Tuxedo anyone? I can’t help it- we’re Canadian, it’s in our blood! And YES! to awesome maternity jeans.

What are your must haves for back to school/fall fashion??













Maternity Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (also similar)
Maternity Jeans (I added the distressed knees): c/o Kohl’s
Hat: Target
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

Levi’s Top: c/o Kohl’s
Skirt: Carter’s (similar)
Sandals: Nordstrom

Carter’s Overalls: c/o Kohl’s
Top: H&M
Sandals: Nordstrom

Our Everyday Style | 06.23.15 #25weeks

I won’t deny that I kind of LOVE dressing alike with the girls. Sometimes more deliberate than others but I love when we match. That’s why I was pumped when T.J.Maxx and Marshalls emailed me about celeb moms matching with their daughters (see here, here and here) and challenged me to create our own mother/daughter look. It was right up our alley! They aren’t going to want to match or take group photos forever, right? Gotta live it up now. Rowan and I actually went out on a little Mommy/daughter date night together to go shopping for something. We went with an overall theme more than exact matching outfits. I am totally on board with all blue that’s in the store right now. I love all the indigo dyed things out there. So pretty! I was able to find a ton of super cute Lucky Brand tops (at a major discount!) in the kids section for Rowan. They all had the cutest details- like the crochet shoulders on the top she is wearing in these pictures. And don’t even get me started on the new items from June & January! This playsuit Finley’s wearing is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever put on her. *Swoon.

Sorry for the abundance of photos in this post. I don’t assume any of you want to see 500 pictures of my kids, unless of course you’re my Mom (hi Mom!) and then these pictures are for you. I just couldn’t help it. It was like every picture was gold. I love capturing their silly, loving and sweet relationship. Sisters are kinda the best. Can’t believe they’re both going to be big sisters soon. I always wonder how becoming a middle child will change Finley’s current personality. Any insight from Mom’s with 3 or more out there? Would love to hear your thoughts. Also, would you just look at Finley’s sassy little face!









Chambray crop top: Marshalls
Maternity skirt: asos
Sandals: Marshalls

Lucky Brand top: T.J.Maxx
Polka dot jeans: Target
Salt Water Sandals: Nordstrom

Striped playsuit: June & January
Salt Water sandals: Nordstrom







My Everyday Style | 04.07.15


Spring! Spring! Spring! I kind of want to shout it from the roof tops. We actually went outside the other day without coats. NO COATS!!! I had almost convinced myself that was never going to happen again. Anyway, with some mild temperatures on the horizon I’ve been eyeing some new spring items for my closet. I am trying to stay minimal and simple. I feel like that’s the easiest and I’m always the happiest with my money spent. I love looking for quality pieces at good prices. Are you into any particular spring trends? I’m kind of all about this “modern safari” trend this year. I picked up these awesome snakeskin pattern heels and white boxy button up from T.J.Maxx the other day and I know they’re going to be a closet staples in the coming months. The heels are just the right height- comfy yet not ridiculous for mom life (it’s a hard balance to strike).

Aside from spring, what’s new with you? Got any new exciting news to share? I’d love to hear it! Life in our house is going well. We’re settling back into the swing of things at home now that our crazy travel season is over for a bit. It was a little insane there at the end. So happy to be back home and all together. Rowan is begging for ice cream today so maybe that’s what our night has in store. We’re really living on the edge over here in upstate NY, huh? Can’t wait for all the tiny local ice cream shops to open for the season. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm. So good. Now I’m thinking of ice cream. Have you ever had spicy chocolate ice cream? Goodness, it’s awesome. Maybe we should change the subject. We just signed Rowan up for hip hop dance next year. She’s pumped! I was very proud of her because she chose to take hip hop over taking ballet with her friends. I thought it showed a lot independent thinking for a little 4 yrs. She saw these hip hop/modern dance troops at Downtown Disney perform and I think she thought it was about the coolest thing she has ever seen. So cute! And as far as Finley goes, let’s just say we are ankle deep in potty training. Dang that girl is stubborn… and that about wraps up a tiny little recap of us as of right now.

Hope your Tuesday evening includes spicy chocolate ice cream!


White button front shirt: c/o T.J.Maxx (similar)
Black jeans: Nordstorm
Tahari Heels: c/o T.J.Maxx (similar)




p.s. our calendar is a Stendig- I tried to find somewhere that had them but I think they’re sold out everywhere.

A Stylish Valentine’s Day With Boden


Our friends over at Boden asked us if we would share our Valentine’s Day traditions with them on their blog this week. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I know it can be silly and over commercialized, but there’s just something about it that I love! It’s just so sweet and pink and lovey dovey. Head on over to the Boden blog to read our interview and also see why these were my picks for some Valentine’s Day style for the whole family.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it different now that you have kids?














Outfit Details:

Roll neck Sweater
Powder blue ankle zip jeans
Citrine mary janes

Short sleeve laundered shirt
Calico Twill Jeans
Desert boots

Floral Anorak
Polka dot denim shirt
Dungaree skirt
Metalic boots

Knitted Dress
Blue mary janes

*Thank you to Boden for sponsoring this post. All opinion and words are my own.

Our Everyday Style | 10.10.14



How’s everyone’s week been? Thank you to everyone who left a comment about their kid’s sleep habits on the last post. Loved reading everyone’s stories. Made me feel better about my early risers. Counting it a blessing they at least both finally sleep through the night. Lord knows we had a good almost 2 years of at least 3 wake ups from each of them through the night. Well, Finley finally (finally!) slept through the night at about 14 months. Perspective! Am I right?

I had a hard time narrowing down these pictures. I know we all think our kids are cute, but DANG! MY.KIDS.ARE.CUTE! Finley cracks me up. She is either laughing or hates life. For every one of these smiley pictures, there were about 15 where she looked like she wanted to hurt someone. That child. This is totally off topic and totally random but I just sneezed like 30 times in a row. What is happening? Do people have allergies in the Fall?

OK. Back to the pictures.

The girls are so fun to dress. I really quite enjoy myself getting them dressed every morning. I feel like boys would be pretty fun though too. More like a fun challenge- you know, trying to dress them cute without always having them in shirts with balls, trucks or dinosaurs on them. I keep thinking, what if we get placed with a boy? It all happens so quick, I would have nothing for them to wear at that moment. It’s such a silly thing to worry about but just something I thought of the other day. I mean my girls have their fair share of items from the boys section but… Where are your favorite places to shop for little boys?









Jen’s Outfit:

Coated Denim: Madewell
White Lou & Grey Tee: LOFT (even all the Lou & Grey stuff is 50% off!)
Denim Shirt: LOFT (50% off!)
“be thankful” Necklace: Jess LC
Glasses: c/o Coastal
SK8-Hi Slim’ Hi-Top: Vans

Rowan’s Outfit:

Be Rad Tee: Geo Fox Apparel
Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: RUUM
Tights: H&M
Checkerboard Slip Ons: Vans

Finley’s Outfit:

Checkered Shirt: Gap
Cardigan: H&M (boys section)
Jeans: Gap
Leopard Half Cabs: Vans

American Flag: Urban Outfitters

p.s. when your hair is dyed lighter at the bottom it will always. always. look like a taupe (or in my case, a birds nest) on top of your head. What are ya going to do about it but embrace it? #birdsnestforlife

Our Everyday Style | 08.29.14


I think I’ve had to come to the realization that this just isn’t my season when it comes to blogging. Which I am sure most of you could have figured out already. Hello like 3 posts all month! Feeling neck deep (in a good way) with real life and motherhood these days and blogging just is not happening all that much. I am ok with that. It’s life and I really am enjoying ours. The girls are just so busy at this age. They keep me on my toes with pretty much no down time till after they go to bed. Seriously, can someone with 3+ kids share their wisdom because I can’t figure out how we’re going to be adding more kids to the mix (yep, still waiting for our first placement). Finley in and of herself is a full time job. That girl is mischievous but she sure has a stop you in your tracks and melt your heart kind of smile- even when she is coloring on your bedspread with a sharpie. DOH! I wouldn’t change our days for anything. Even with the chaos, exhaustion and practically no “me” time, these girls are my everything. Heck! That is one of the reasons I wanted to homeschool. I just want them around.

I love taking these “Our Everyday Style” pictures. It’s like a little record of the 3 of us at that particular moment. This one can be labeled: End of Summer 2014. On this day in particular I woke up early to go to a Foster Care meeting with Faithbridge at a local church in the area. What a cool organization. When I got home the girls and I did some errands, visited the library, and cooked some delicious chocolate zucchini muffins before heading to the town pool for one of the very last times this summer (boooo!). It wasn’t a particularly extraordinary day but one that represents this season of life.

and can we just talk about how cute the Minnetonka for Hello Kitty collaboration is??
Love all their new mocs and boots for fall.











Jumper: Madewell
Polka Dot Chambray: forever 21
Mesa Boots: c/o Minnetonka
Glasses: c/o David Kind

Dress: Gap
Tights: Target
Hello Kitty Moccasins: c/o Minnetonka

Vest: Target
Ruffle Top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Double Fringe Booties: c/o Minnetonka


Our Everyday Style


Are you guys into the whole cropped top thing happening right now? I held off because honestly, I was annoyed at the whole trend. Call me old but all I saw were teen girls wearing them with low cut shorts and I kept wanting to scream “that is not how you are suppose to wear that!”. However, I did end up grabbing a few cheap cropped tanks at Forever 21 and I have to say, I kind of really love them. I’ve been in love with pairing them with a high waisted pencil skirts, jeans or shorts. My rule of thumb is there should be little to no skin showing. I am all for a little skin. Just not a whole belly. I think the key is to have the right proportions with everything else you are wearing. Here are a few pins I liked using a cropped top… 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Also, no one can quite rock a crop top like Julie can!

annnd… my sister left a comment below with a good point!

OK. Enough about cropped tops. Let’s move on to Rowan and Finley. These 2 are giving me a run for my money lately, yet have me laughing to no end all at the same time. They are becoming just the sweetest of friends. No one can make Finley laugh quite like Rowan can. Kev and I were doing some yard work on Sunday while the 2 of them were on the trampoline together and it was hysterical laughing from the both of them for like 30 mins. Finley can be such a bully sometimes though and Rowan with her sweet little heart won’t fight back. The laughter eventually seems to end with some hair pulling and tears but the laughing, oh the laughing. It makes my heart 10x bigger.












Tank: Forever 21
Denim Pencil Skirt: Old Navy
Birkenstocks: Nordstorm
Necklace: Jenloveskev Etsy

Top: Target
Overalls: c/o GUESS Kids (on sale!)

Romper: c/o GUESS Kids (on sale!)
Moccasins: Freshly Picked

p.s. Omgosh. Rowan is soooo into posing in front of the camera with that remote. hahahaha!

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