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A Day in Nolita with Roots!



Anyone from Canada out there? How much do you love Roots? Wasn’t it your childhood staple growing up? I don’t think there is anything (clothing wise) that’s more nostalgic to me. Still to this day anytime I wear Roots sweats or cabin socks, I can’t help but think about being around a bonfire at a cottage in northern Ontario. Anyway, for those who don’t know what I am talking about- Roots is an amazing Canadian clothing brand, steeped in history and love. All of their leather goods are designed and made right in Toronto. They’re well known for their awesome sweats, chunky knits and great flannels but all the other clothing they offer is so beautiful and totally my style. Love the outdoor, yet effortlessly cool feel to it all. When the Roots team invited me down for the day to visit there new flagship store in Nolita (NYC), I was literally jumping with excitement. It’s not everyday the brand you’ve had a 30 year love affair with emails you. They have a few stores in the US (2 in LA, Park City, and Birmingham, Michigan) but this is the very first East Coast store.

If you haven’t been to the NYC before, Nolita is such a great area to walk around and explore. Lots of cool shops and yummy food. Roots Canada totally fits in down there! I had such a fun day shopping and styling some outfit with my favorite Roots items (I wasn’t going to let this giant baby bump stop me!). These outfits are perfect for exploring the city in style. Easy, laid back and cool!

First up… I paired this super comfy cardigan with a Roots tee and knit maternity skirt. I feel like you could dress this up for work with some heels/booties and maybe some jewelry or play it down for a walk around town. Don’t even get me started on how much I love using backpacks for purses! Roots leather products are perfection.





Sandstone Cardigan | Raw T-Shirt | Petite Pack Super Prince

The next look I paired this awesome flannel over a grey maternity dress. I’ve only had this flannel for about 2 weeks and I’ve already worn it far too many times. It’s perfect snapped up or left open over a tee. It has these great side pockets that are perfect for holding my phone. Is it weird that pockets totally make my day? Love the fringe detail on the cross body bag.





Hazelwood Flannel Tunic | Sedona Saddle Tribe

For total comfort you have to try out some of Roots sweatstyle items. Anything that looks cool yet is totally comfy enough to by my pajamas is A+ in my book. Love this terry dress (of course tunic over a giant pregnant belly) paired with jeans, a scarf and super cute clutch. Perfect for running errands and going to brunch on the weekend.




Quary Terry Dress | Caraway Shawl | Zip Around Phone With Wristlet

The last look is my perfect fall outfit. Chambray shirt, jeans, totally awesome jacket and sneakers. Top that with a hat that has a maple leaf on it and I am a happy girl. #canadarules




Shoreline Smock Jacket | Dorset Snap Back Cap

Here are a few more shots from around the store. How amazing is that cape?







Thanks to Roots Nolita for having me down to visit!

My Everyday Style | 06.16.15 (celebrating 9 years of marriage!)


Yesterday Kev and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We were lucky enough to have my Mom in town still and she watched the girls for us most of the day. We didn’t have super plans or anything but we got to spend the whole day just together doing whatever we felt like. We ate lunch, walked around Saratoga, ate cookies and milk, went to the bookstore, watched Kev’s hockey game and sat outside on a beautiful night eating late night burritos. It’s always so nice to just have regular ol’ time together without little ones taking up all your attention. It’s been such a wonderful adventure these past 9 years. I am so thankful for them and for him. I look forward to all that is to come as well. We don’t buy gifts for each other on our anniversary, usually just trying to take a trip together(my fingers are still crossed we can make this work this summer) but we do try to make something for each other. My gift was centered around a bible verse I claimed as our motto for year 9. I hope to share that in a post sometime soon. Anyway, here are some outfit pictures/anniversary tradition photos. Did you know that Stitch Fix has a maternity service now? Hallelujah!!! It has been my saving grace. My stylist has been sending my the cutest things… like this dress! It feels like I’m wearing my pajamas, how could you not love that!! It’s got the cutest scoop neck at the back too, makes the dress feel extra feminine.

If you are pregnant make sure you sign up for your first maternity fix soon!








Dress: Stitch Fix
Sandals: Forever 21
Glasses: David Kind

And as I post every year… here are our past anniversary photos (love this tradition)…

Year eight:

In Costa Rica. Why are we not there again this year? jk

Year seven:

Ogunquit, Maine. One of our most favorite places. We made a little video of that trip.

Year Six:

Florida. I think we get a little too tan when we spend 3 weeks in FL in the middle of June. Ha!

Year Five:

Paris, France. We just locked a lock on the “love” bridge.

Year Four:

Hello super pregnant Jen! Although I still had 3 months to go in this picture.

Year Three:

Just chillin’ in our front yard.

Year Two:

We just had the closing on our very first house!! We celebrated in the empty house with Chinese food and champagne on the floor.
2 years

Year One:

Living in Hawaii and loving life. We look like little babies.

My Everyday Style | 02.26.14


Soooooo… I got dressed yesterday and I decided it would be a great idea to wear a sort of white on white number. Sounds pretty chic right? Hahahhaha oh man! What was I thinking? It took me a grand total of 43 mins until my pants had dirty hand prints, drops of orange juice, acai bowl stains and one muddy foot print to realize that it was the worst idea ever. Sometimes fashion trends may not be on trend with being a Mom. Anyway, before I looked like a total mess I did really enjoy the look. Now I just need to buy some bleach and get a baby sitter before I can ever wear this look again.

Outfit Details:

Jeans: T.J.Maxx (Similar)
Cream Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)
Sandals: Target
Sunglasses: Target





My Everyday Style | 01.21.15


I’ve had these faux leather leggings for a while now but I’ve found out that I’m very particular about how I wear them. I am in the camp that to make leggings (any kind of leggings) appropriate to wear out of the house, that your top needs to be long enough to cover your bum. I don’t have too many tops that length, so I actually don’t end up wearing these or any leggings very often other than for pjs. When I was at the Loft a while ago I grabbed this cute dress to try on. It ended up being way too short for a dress but I thought it would be perfect as a tunic for leggings. Thanks to a gift card and a great sale it ended up in my closet! I bet if you were shorter than me (5’9″) this would make a great dress too without leggings. How do you wear leggings? Do you think the cover your bum rule is sill?






Denim dress/tunic: Loft (on sale!)
Faux leather leggings: Nordstrom (cheaper verison)
Boots: Similar
Long necklace: Madewell
Initial necklace: c/o Tiny Tags

My Everyday Style | 01.12.15





Clogs are where it’s at my friends!

Outfit Details:

Jeans: Abercrombie
White shirt: Everlane
Plaid Jacket: Lulu’s (similar, similar)
Classic Cogs: c/o Lotta from Stockholm

My Everyday Style | 12.19.14


You’ll have to get use to seeing outfit pictures in front of my dining room wall for the next 3 months. So over the cold already! Are you ready for Christmas? Shopping done? I had my usually love affair with Amazon Prime the other day and then called it a day. Of course with the exception of a few local goodies from Fort Orange General and some beauties from Moorea Seal. How do you feel about colored tights? I used to LOOOVE them. Looking back through old outfit posts I wore A LOT of colored tights. I am kind of over them now. Feels a little too whimsical to me. However, I figured out I don’t mind wearing them when it makes my whole bottom half the same monochromatic tone. What do you think? Do you still wear colored tights? How do you like to wear them?

Hope everyone is having a great day.






Plaid button down: J.Crew (hello 40% off!!)
Corduroy skirt: LOFT (all LOU & GREY stuff is 50% off!!)
Tights: We Love Colors
Clogs: c/o Lotta from Stockholm
Crossbody purse: Thrifted (similar)
Necklace: c/o Tiny Tags

My Everyday Style | 12.08.14


Adding this black poncho/shawl/sweater(??) to my closet was about the best decision ever. I love what it adds to each outfit I pair it with. o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; < that was Finley
How are you guys doing today? I don’t have much to say about this outfit in particular other than I wore it, I liked it and it was especially warm the day I took these photos.

So far this morning I’ve already found Finley with markers coloring on her belly, the couch, the dining room table, our glass side table and Rowan’s foot. It’s only 10am. I feel another “Up’s and Down’s of Parenting” blog post coming on. Where does she keep finding the markers?

Do you feel like the Christmas season is already flying by? I am trying my best to slow down and enjoy it but it’s hard. I feel like we barely have time to get to our Advent activity each day.

… and now another day has flown by. It’s 9:32pm as I sit back down to finish this post. Instead of catching up on emails I am going to sit with my devotions and the Word and reflect on the season. Time to quiet my soul. If only for a few minutes.

Have a great night everyone!







Ruffle Hem Crochet tank: Urban Outfitters
Black Shawl Sweater: Similar + Similar
Ripped Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Loafers: Bass
Hat: Loft

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