so I am leaving for France in like 20 mins.
I will not be posting anything all week. Ill be back next week!

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Nolan!!!!…

YAY!!!! So Hannah and Sean tied the knot yesterday and we couldnt be more happy or excited for them. It was an awesome wedding- great friends, super fun dancing, open bar(hehe jk)and we were just so happy to be there to celebrate with them! It was a GOOOD night!




So we had Easter out here in the Berkshires/Albany area this year by our selves- we were hoping Amy would make it out here in time to have easter with us but we got to see her later in the week. Anyways we went to church in the morning and the service was awesome. Oh man the music at our church is so great. Then we were planning on going over to Brown’s with Charlie and Gina to get a drink but they were closed so off to the pump station we went were we sat at the bar and had some awesome beer and great conversation. We then left and came home were we ended up taking a nap and then getting up and going out for our tradtional Chinese food Easter dinner. Although we ddint see family and I would have loved too it was a pretty perfect easter!

Charlie and Gina

Us on Easter

Look at my lilac tree budding!!!

I have flowers growing in my garden…


Wollf’s Beirgarten…

So there is this new bar in Albany called Wolff’s Biergarten anyways its awesome! We went the other weekend with Charlie, Gina, Hannah and Sean to celebrate their upcoming wedding (haha which was last night now!) Its such a cool atmosphere!





Teacher Style Files 4.16.09…


Headband: Claries $4
Boyfriend Blazer: Target $8 (on sale)
Striped Shirt: Forever 21 $22
Jeans: Old Navy $30
Flats: DSW (Steve Madden) $40

Present Pictures…

So remember that great package that showed up at my door the other day? While that same day everytime I went out I came home to find a new package at my doorstep. It was awesome. The last 2 were filled with eater goodies but here is what I found in the first one. Nicole always finds the greatest little treasures…

There was this awesome hand carved wooden peacock stamp, a sweet owl card, and an box with an owl magnet in it!!!

Here is what the magnet looked like…

a close up of the stamp…

Teacher Style Files 4.15.09…

So I just got back from chaperoning a field trip to NYC all day. It was great but it was a long long day and I am exhausted. We went to the MET and then went and saw Hair on Broadway (First 3 rows baby!!) it was an awesomely amazing show. Although sitting with 16 teens watching a cast of 30 singing buck naked for about a minute was a little uncomfortable but still awesome. haha so here was my art museum and Theatre outfit…


Polka Dot Cardigan: Delias $9.99 (onsale)
White Button Up: Target $20
Purple Belt: American Eagle $10
Pleated Skirt: Target: $5 (on sale)
Fishnets: Target
Boots: Bakers

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