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What?!? Look who’s blogging again. Yep, this girl. Look at me go. Aren’t you proud? I just can’t quit you and especially outfit posts. They’re where I started and it’s just so deeply ingrained in my blogging mind. I laugh at myself though over the stupid outfits and locations we would go to for pictures. Don’t worry, there is totally a WTF (or maybe WTHeck, sorry Mom) post coming soon. We’ll all be able to bask in the ridiculousness of the outfits I used to put together. I love it though! It’s so funny. At least today, this is legit what I was wearing. And I am for sure taking the pictures in my house because it’s freakin’ freezing out and I am too old to care about taking them outside on a street corner with a cute bag with flowers in them. Let’s just all look at this picture and shake our heads at poor, young, cold Jen from yesteryear (it was literally negative numbers in this picture. I remember because I was FREEEEEEZING!!) Bahahahhah! Oh blogging, you’re so funny!




the girls always want to get in on the pictures.


and one peaceful little corner picture for the bunch too!

Peplum Plaid Shirt: Joe Fresh/Old (similar here, here and here)
Grey Wash Skinny Jeans: LOFT
Boots: Timberland (similar here and here)

  1. You are so funny! I have read your blog for many, many years and remember your pre-kid photoshoots. I loved them:) But funny to look back and see how blogging has changed!

  2. This is such a cute post Jen! First of all, so fun to look back on your early years of blogging. It’s such a journey isn’t it? Journaling our lives, all the different seasons and the growth that comes from them. Love looking back on the seasons I’ve been able to chronicle. This is a beautiful yet functional seeming outfit (need a bunch more of those over here!) and the addition of your sweet girls to the outfit posts is just the best. Have a great day!

  3. LOLOLOL! Flowers in a bag! Your hilarious! I can’t even picture myself running to the local flower market because the closest thing I have to that is Publix or WalMart! #nocuteflowermarkethere I love your genuine blogging and it’s the reason I will always come back and read your blog!!!! Thanks for being real and open and honest. You look super cute, I like the pants and boots combo and fin’s cute yellow sweater. Your girls are so pretty!

  4. Love this corner! Is that a fiddle leaf fig? What are your tricks for keeping your plants alive during freezing cold winters? The dry heat (from our heater) seems to be killing all of mine 🙁

  5. I love this outfit, your style is so lovely but also wearable! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your snowy snap, so funny!

  6. Jen! come back to the blog world! 🙂 I keep checking to see if you’ve posted… miss you!

  7. Sarah Keller •

    We need another outfit post! Seriously, LOL, miss them! But only if it includes mom jeans.

    P.S. (Yes, I did have a glass of wine tonight. Sorry for the random comment).

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