Please Stop Snowing.


We’d been having a pretty mild winter as far as snow goes, then the winter decided to pick it up and dump allllllllllll the snow in like a 4 day span. It’s been snowing nonstop since 9am this morning. Which has piled up on the already 15+ inches that were on the ground from the other day. And to think we almost pulled the trigger on a vacation to Puerto Rico the other day. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! Can you tell the seasonal depression has set in? hahahaha. jk. but seriously, winter is the worst. I am good up through Christmas, but then it’s all down hill from there. Anyway, I am trying my best. Everyday we get the whole gang bundled up and we try to have some fun outside. Orion has become obsessed with the snowblower. It rocks his 15 month world! What a cutie.

Anyway, how’s life guys? I’ve been struggling hard with what to do with this blog. Aren’t we all? What is blogging now a days? It all feels so different, yet so weirdly the same. A few friends have dusted off their blogs lately and it’s been fun to read again. Sometimes I want to do the same and other times I feel like I am ok with it being totally over. Who knows. I think I would at least like to have a little more fun with it. Take the pressure off. Write random things, while sitting in bed and watching the bachelor kind of fun. I don’t really have the time to make it all shiny and fancy anymore. Sometimes maybe but not all the time. Are you cool with that? Let’s end with 5 random thoughts by Jen…

1. I am totally a coffee drinker now. Like hardcore. Send help
2. Orion has stopped calling me “mama” now it’s just full on “mom”. He says with with such force too and so demanding. It cracks me up but weirdly makes me feel like he’s 16 yrs. Can I have my baby back?
3. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 10 years but I think I am going to make the switch to vegan (well, i prefer to say whole food/plant based) I really only eat eggs now and then. Trying to decide if I’m going to take the whole family with me or not.
4. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga. I’ve become obsessed with yoga. Seriously looking into a teacher training in Thailand in June.
5. You know what drives me crazy? Shower heads that have the water come out in a circle shape and no water that comes from the center. Do you know what I mean? It’s so annoying. Hahahahah! You look up to rinse soap off and it’s like water spraying down all around except the one place you want the water to hit. We don’t have a shower head like that, but my parent’s shower is and a handful of other ones I’ve been in lately and I just want to say whhhhhhhhhhy?

So! There you go. Random thoughts, while sitting in bed and watching the bachelor.
There are plenty more where that came from. Don’t you worry.
And I just have to say Corrine? Really? Come on now.

Sweet dreams everyone!








Snow Outfit Details:
Jen’s Northface Coat: c/o Marshalls
Jen’s Volcom Snowpants: Backcountry
Jen’s boots: Sorel
Rowan’s Columbia coat: Backcountry
Rowan’s boots: Sorel
Finley’s Juxt Ski Coat: Backcountry

  1. Keep it random! Don’t disappear altogether. Random is fun and refreshing. I’ve been reading since before any kiddos (both for you and me), and you are one of the blogs from that time that I still read and look forward to.

  2. Hi Jen! Could you do an update on how homeschooling is going? haha. You don’t have to, but I am really curious. My son, like Rowan last year, is at a classical school this year for kindergarten (half day), but I am seriously considering homeschooling next year. I just can’t fathom him being gone all day and not getting outside much or playing! Anyway, I would love to hear more about your year– successes/challenges, etc. You lead such an inspiring life with your kids!

  3. I would love to hear your random thoughts. I’ve been following you for years and love hearing about your life. Blogging has changed so much since I started one in 2007. It went from being a fun way to connect with people, to everyone trying to make money off theirs. Most people stopped blogging. Now it seems people are starting again and bringing back the old, raw posts and I like it.

  4. Snow, yoga and vegan! You touched on all of my favorite things! Though the snow rocks my snowboarder heart. 🙂
    I enjoy when you post and have no expectations!

  5. I would love to see you blogging in whatever form that takes! <3

  6. Sooooo over this snow. At least you have super hip snow gear! We moved to MA from CA 4 years ago and have yet to invest in “real” snow gear. Is it June yet????

  7. I love reading people’s thoughts on the transition of blogging.
    I don’t have a giant following, but I love it because it’s such a great way to chronicle my family. Keep it up! I’d love to read more!

  8. HAHA, I always love your “random thoughts” lists. And 1) I’m totally jealous you get to watch the Bachelor (living in Germany where there’s no TV, nothing to do, and winter lasts 8 months. Seriously, it didn’t get hot last year until AUGUST. 2) We’re also on the mostly vegetarian/sometimes-almost-vegan path and it’s a challenge when you’re cooking for a family but we’re trying! So woohoo! I keep thinking I need to find a blog by a vegan mom who lists out everything her kids eat so that at least there’s a reference point. 3) I don’t know how you made it so long with no coffee! Seriously.

    Thanks for writing, always love your honest and witty posts 🙂

  9. I love your random thoughts and all your blogs! I’ve been reading for what feels like ages (pre rowan) and your blog is still one I find myself wandering back to to see what you’re up to and look at something visually appealing 🙂 🙂 🙂 I also find myself sifting through your archives for pregnancy / motherhood posts.

  10. How’s your homescho year going?

  11. Oops! Sorry for the typo!

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