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Hey guys! I’m writing on the blog! Whoa now! What do you guys think? Are blogs on the way out? Do you enjoy reading blogs anymore? Other than a lot of food blogs and blogs of friends I’ve been reading forever, my feed reader is pretty sparse. Are you satisfied with just Instagram/Snapchat posts from people? I am not sure how I feel about it all. I love this blog, but definitely don’t come and sit at the computer to share like I used to. I don’t know why? I mean, I do and I don’t. There isn’t much time nowadays, but honestly that never stopped me in the past. I used to make time no matter what. So many bloggers have stopped blogging lately and I totally understand it. Not sure if I am ready to throw in the towel yet though. I would love to hear your thoughts on it all!

Everyone is sleeping in our house right now and I just sat down here at my laptop to share a few things. Like the old days. I never use my laptop anymore. We have an iMac on our desk that I always use, but it just took it’s final breath so… well, there’s that. Maybe this is good. Maybe having to use my laptop again will make me want to write more. Hahha maybe not, time will tell.

Sooooooo Orion ate a cigarette tonight. Mom of the year award over here. We were eating ice cream outside at the local Stewarts and Orion was playing on the ground. Kev noticed he had something in his mouth and yep, there is was… a dirty old cigarette. ACK! Gross! I kind of wanted to rinse his mouth out with hand sanitizer.

Finley has been sick lately. Not sure what is really going on with her- and it’s killing me that we don’t have a straight answer to make her feel better. It’s such a hard part of parenting. Seeing our kids in pain or discomfort and not being able to fix it right then for them. Praying we have some answers this week and we can move forward with a plan for her.

Rowan has been reading up a storm lately. It is sooooooo awesome to hear her up in her room with a book, sounding out all the words and reading to her self. I LOVE THIS STAGE. It is so fun!!

Can you believe summer is half over already. Ahhhhhh! I don’t want it to end. Everytime it’s summer I think to myself why don’t we live somewhere  where the weather is nicer more months of out the year. Where do you think is the best state for this? mild seasons, mostly warm, never deathly hot. I want to live there.

I came up with a ramen recipe about a month or so ago and I.CAN.NOT.STOP.EATING.IT. It’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever made (patting myself on the back over here). I had to because I would sit here and day dream about Wagamama all day long and scheme up reason why we had to head back to Boston every week. Have you eaten there before? It’s my favorite.

I almost cut bangs last night. I had the scissors out and everything. Then I stopped to go get the mail. Random maybe but! BUT! There was a J.Crew catalog in there and ooooh thank you J.Crew model with your long, center parted hair to make me realize I do not want bangs again (well, not until next month). What I really want is to grow my hair out longer again.

I laid in bed last night figuring out how I can become a family travel blogger. hahahahahahahhaa But seriously, how can I do that? Like for real????!?!?!? Just putting it out there to the universe. Dear Universe, All I want to do is travel with my family, like to allllllllllll the places. I want to see everything and I want Kev and the kids to come with me. Let’s make this happen. I promise to take lots of pictures and write fun stories about our trips. I will love you forever and ever, XOXOX Jen.

Here are my thoughts on adult coloring books. Why are people just figuring out that coloring is fun now? Coloring has always been fun. The end.


Ok. So ends this episode of random thoughts by Jen.
Night. Night.

  1. Please keep blogging! I’ve been enjoying your blog for many years and have kids the same age. I am also homeschooling (starting next year) and would like to hear more about your journey with that. Thanks, as always, for your inspiration.

  2. Megan •

    So nice to hear your ‘voice’ and please keep blogging. I love blogs but I’m super selective now days as I am so time poor – ARGH! as children we lived with our parents in Papua New Guinea. My baby sis was raised on cigarette butts and dirt, she’s a fine young woman these day! Haha. I hope Finley gets well soon.

  3. I’ve been strongly considering a mirrorless camera myself. What sort of lens are your using with yours?

    Love your blog, by the way. 🙂

  4. Allison •

    Keep blogging! I come here every day to see if you’ve written a new post ? Your blog has been my favorite for years.

  5. Jen, I don’t know what will or is becomming of blogs, but I hope you never stop!! YOUr blog is one that I turn to and read regularly. I have followed your adventures for almost 10 years now. You are a fabulous voice in/on the inter webs.

    Three small children are probably taking MORE of your time than you ever had to give to anything in the past! I have two young boys, and I am starting a full-time teaching job in the fall. I wonder what will be one of my little blog. My tiny piece of the Internet. Only time will tell, but I’m sure glad you still write. And I’m sure glD that you have always known that your priority is your family.

    Plus, isn’t your blog the best journal EVER. You have recorded so many beautiful events, and thoughts, and feelings, and yes–so many fabulous outfit posts (I love your style).

    I hope your dreams to travel blog cone true, but also know that I (we) LOVE to see the trips you take around the greater New York, Boston Arabs, around Florida, up to Canada. I love the travels you have documented!!! They inspire me to take those kind of trips with my kids. To be honest, I do not think little ones care so much if you are in Paris or on the Apalachain trail. They are happy to be with YOU and Kev.

    Anyway, just wanted to support your beautiful voice. You’ve been true to you all these years. You have a faithful following because of it. And because you look deeper, I still jump on to READ WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!

    Love and light,

  6. Heather •

    I really like reading blogs. I don’t want to only scroll through people’s pictures on Insta–it’s just not the same and I don’t feel as connected to the writer. Keep writing! And if you find any others we should be reading, share those out!

  7. Rachelle •

    I stopped reading most because they feel like giant adds ( the same ones over and over) I miss the good old dsys of blogging! Shitty picture and all.

  8. Lizzie •

    Yours is one of the few blogs I continue to read, mostly because your posts seem authentic – feels like I’m catching up with a friend rather than constant bombardment of sponsored posts. I especially like seeing posts about how you decorate your house, thoughts on homeschool and just parenting in general. I hope you’ll keep at it, even if it’s just every so often.

  9. geraldine •

    I don’t know if blogs are on the way out or not. Whatever the case I still love reading blogs and yours is one of my favorites! Outfit post, random thoughts, DIYs, recipes…I’ll read anything you post because your fun to read, so down to earth and real!

  10. Carrie •

    Don’t stop blogging! Blogging soothes my brain and reminds me there’s life and experiences outside my own little reality. I’ve enjoyed watching your family grow & expand. You’re one of the very few people still putting out great content of the dozen or so blogs I read regularly 6 or 7 years ago. Keep writing!

  11. Kelley •

    I was just lamenting the sparseness of my blog feed the other day, but I stopped blogging years ago:) I hope you keep posting for selfish reasons, but understand if you decide to stop. My kids have found cigarette butts on the ground too, among other things. Its hard to always watch them once you have more than once child. You’re a great mom.

  12. Blogging stopped because too many people tried turning it into a job. Then blogs became one big ad and people stopped reading. Of course, I feel like this is instagram now too, sponsored post after sponsored post. I still read blogs I find genuine, yours being one of them. Though I do now tend to do my reading on my phone and not computer, making it harder to comment.

    And about Orion and the cigarette, that is totally something that would happen to me. I found my kid eating random french fries off the ground one day.

  13. Jen. What a fun post. Of course you cannot stop blogging and yes you should definitely be a travel blogger. So glad you put it out there. Then put Hawaii for your first travel designation! 🙂

    Loved the random thoughts. So many things I could say to all of that but plan to call you tomorrow so will leave it at that.
    Miss you and love your whole adorable family!
    XO Aloha-

  14. Silvia •

    This is fun. 🙂

  15. I still enjoy reading blogs 🙂 I am okay with people not publishing daily or weekly. Posts are more likely to be more interesting anyway, if there isn’t the pressure of a daily blog post.

  16. Sayward •

    I rarely leave comments but I love your blog! I’ve been reading since Rowan was a baby – maybe before she was born? I check in 2-3 times a week to see if you’ve updated and have loved keeping up with your family’s adventures. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  17. reagan •

    this is when of the few blogs i still consistently read and look forward to new posts. i do love Instagram and seeing quick pictures i also don’t feel like that is enough of an outlet

  18. Chloe •

    oh Jen! I love your random thoughts! you are too cute! please keep blogging..even if it’s sporadically..a long time reader..who has never commented till now (sorry!) Thanks for being an encouragement to me sister!


  19. I don’t know why I find this absolutely hilarious but I love it.

  20. Kriszta •

    Hi Jen!
    Encouraging thoughts from the other side of the globe 🙂 please do continue blogging, your blog is really helping and inspiring me! I always read it when my girl (20 months) sleeps and it is my well-deserved few minutes break in parenting. I am sure you still have plenty to share! With love, a working mommy from Budapest 🙂

  21. Adeline •

    Keep blogging.
    Those are my thoughts on that subject.

  22. Charlotte •

    Jen –

    I love reading your blog. It inspires me to make life fun and to keep loving God. I need that kind of encouragement on the internet. It is so filled with hateful opinions so it is nice to see a woman living contrary to that. Keep it up!

  23. Jesse Coulter •

    1.) I still LOVE reading blogs…but usually personal posts, and from the people I’m devoted to following and have been following for years (wink wink).

    2.) I almost spit out my drink when I read that Orion ate a cigarette. Laughing so hard right now….eh, makes ’em tough ; )

    3.) Move to TEXAS : ) Well, it is super hot in July/Aug but it goes by soooo fast. We’re smiling and twirling in the winter. Although it has snowed and when it does EVERYTHING shuts down because people have no idea what to do! I would say California, but it is just way TOO expensive. It’s soo cheap to live in TX.

    4.) That camera looks awesome. For some reason my camera takes super blurry pics…I’m worried and think I need to take it back. I payed over $500 for it….UGH SMH!!!!!

  24. I LOVE reading blogs and so appreciate people who take the time to share their thoughts. Your blog is wonderful and I vote for you to continue writing…

  25. Hi Jen, I really enjoyed this post!

    I am not done reading blogs or writing my own, Instagram and Snapchat is not enough for me. I am writing this comment from my laptop, where I always read blogs and write my own, I love my laptop, sitting at my desk, in my bed or on the couch.

    The sharing that goes on, on some Insta feeds is beautiful and even raw at times but its not the same and never will be the same as a blog post and over time, many blog posts that allow you to get to know the writer. I have been reading your blog for years now and because of your blog I now follow you on Insta and Snap but if it were not for the years of “courting” in this one online place where I was able to get to know you, I am sure I would not have found you in those other online places.

    My opinion is that the blog is the home base/mothership for the storyteller.

    Your a good mom even though your kid ate a cigarette, Orion will have a stronger immune system for it. lol.

    I have been on the market for a new camera so I will check out the one you mentioned.

    Much love and thanks for your time writing this post!

  26. Hi there, another avid reader of your post from Budapest! I started reading your blog years ago, and always check once a week. Please, keep writing and sharing your thoughts, outfits, updates.

  27. A) Please keep blogging. Your words bring such joy to me (and others!)
    B) If you want mild seasons without crazy hot summers move to the Seattle area. Not joking one bit. Sure it rains, but it rains more on average each year in Pittsburgh, where I live. Move to Seattle. Your family would love it there.

  28. Monique •

    Jen! I’ve also been following your blog for years now…I forget how many, but at least a year before you were expecting with Rowan. My oldest daughter, Naja came shortly after Rowan. You’re a friend in my head, so I’d be sad to not catch up on your posts, but I get it. Is it worth the time investment for the few people who are actually reading it? I respect whatever you decide.

    I miss the old blogger days when posts were authentic – it was my exciting reading for the night. Cute outfit posts, quirky random mentions, good stuff, tough stuff. The insta/snapchat feels more staged (some blogging does too).

    Oh, and…I have a one year old too now, and I found her chewing on a rock like it was a piece of gum when she was sitting on the ground. Cracking up at Orion eating a cigarette. Stories like this remind me that we’re all human, and that our kids turn out ok. Thanks for sharing.

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