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Eeeeek! We are so happy with how this all came out. I’ve been so excited to share. It feels so fancy- I’ve never had a fancy kitchen before!! So above you can see how outdated our old kitchen was. We did our best when we moved in, but I’ve longed to redo it the last 3.5 years. When we moved in, the walls were yellow and there was a floral type backsplash. We painted both the walls and the tile with white paint as a quick band-aid. So when the chance to redo the kitchen in partnership with Frigidaire Professional and Lowe’s came up, we knew we wanted a major update! What we love most about the Frigidaire Professional Collection, is that you can have professional-grade appliances in your home, without having to do any kind of renovation. The collection’s appliances are all designed to fit existing kitchen cutouts, making upgrading your kitchen totally accessible to even remodeling newbies, like ourselves!




Oh baby! Let’s talk about the stars of the kitchen. I have always LOVED to cook, but since everything has been finished I’ve been extra excited to get in there and cook on my new Frigidaire Professional appliances. I’ve been cooking up a storm these last few weeks. I’ve only ever had an electric range, so switching to gas was such a treat. I love that the Gas Cooktop has grates on top that are continuous. It makes sliding heavy pots and pans across the burners super easy. It also comes with a griddle/grill attachment that fits over the center burner! Let’s just say Rowan is pretty pumped about this feature. That girl loves her pancakes!

One of my favorite decisions we made for the kitchen is the cooktop and wall oven combination. I love the finished look!! I was totally surprised that a wall oven didn’t have to go, you know, up in a wall. We weren’t in the position to tear walls down and restructure the kitchen. The Frigidaire Professional Wall Oven fits perfectly below the counter and gives such a clean, professional style. I also love the powerful performance and No Preheat feature.

The Frigidaire Professional Dishwasher runs quietly and has lots of great features, We love the blue light that turns on when the load is clean. With all the cooking I’ve been doing, I’ve found that you can’t beat a 30-minute wash cycle. Washes dishes in a quarter of the time with a powerful and fast clean!

Now. Let’s all bow down to the king of the kitchen, shall we? I’ve never had a refrigerator that could hold all the fresh produce I buy, and I buy a lot. Four out of five of us are vegetarian so we consume fruits and veggies like whoa in this house. Our old fridge was always stuffed to the max and I would get so frustrated trying to find stuff. I’d be super bummed out when I would have to throw something away that had gone bad just because I forgot it was in there. The Frigidaire Professional French Door Refrigerator is my knight in shining armor. THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM IN THERE! And when you open the doors, it all lights up fancy like angels are singing about the glorious food inside. Am I getting too carried away with how much I love this fridge? Maybe, but it’s true. I love it! It’s got awesome shelves that you can change in a flash to organize all your stuff. It’s perfect.


Open Shelving:
 The big thing we wanted to do was take down the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving. Our kitchen has always felt super dark. There’s really only the one window above the sink and with the heavy cabinets up top, it really made it feel smaller than it was. We got some great thick wood from Lowe’s and had it cut right there in the store to the exact sizes we needed. I just simply stained them, and the result was the perfect natural, yet slightly worn looking shelf. I was so weary of finding the right stain and I can’t say enough for how beautiful the shelves came out! DIY post and tips for having open shelving and an open pantry to come soon!

I also really wanted to subway tile from the counter up to the ceiling to help brighten up the kitchen. The tiling was by far the biggest project. The nice people at Lowe’s were so helpful when I showed up with 3 crazy kids and explained I had no idea what I was doing or what I needed, but I needed them to help me out quickly before everyone started having a meltdown. Hahahah. We went with your standard white subway tile and a lighter grey grout. It was the most labor-intensive part of the project, but so worth it. The finished product is gorgeous!

This was our biggest investment, but totally worth it. We really wanted a nice countertop! We decided to go with quartz and you know what color we chose? It was called Blanco Orion!! It was the first sample I picked, and when I found out it was called Orion–Duh! Of course I was sold. It’s so beautiful and totally makes the entire kitchen. I love the subtle grey hues throughout the piece of stone.

We were planning on just painting the bottom cabinets, but when we decided to replace the countertops we thought, here is our chance to actually do something with the bottom cabinets. We wanted to keep the footprint the same to keep things easy on us. We decided to go with cabinets that Lowe’s has in stock, instead of getting custom cabinets made. It really helped keep the cost down and we loved the white Arcadia style. It was a win-win for cost and convenience.

 Do you remember the custom pipe desk/shelf thing I built right off our kitchen? Well, I wanted to create an island that tied those two pieces together. Lowe’s sells these beautiful precut butcher blocks in two different sizes that you can get right at the store. All we had to do was assemble the parts and attach them together. DIY post to come so you can all build your own kitchen island as well!

Hardware + Fixtures: 
I have been drooling over brass hardware for quite some time now and decided to go for it. It may be trendy, but it’s an easy switch if I ever get tired of them. The faucet we went with was a matte black to match the black shelf brackets and black iron pipe under the island. And the sink… ooooh the sink. I love this sink. It’s this beautiful extra large single basin white granite sink. It’s so pretty! hahaha. Omgosh I’m such an adult. My 16-year-old self would hate me for just saying I loved a sink.












Resources: Refrigerator | Gas Cooktop | Wall Oven | Dishwasher | Blender | Hood | Frigidaire Professional Collection | Sink | Faucet | Track Lights | Cabinets | Brass Hardware | Shelf Brackets | Hanging Brass Planters (fruit holders) | Letter Board | Floor Mat | Stools

This post is in partnership with Frigidaire Professional, but all words, opinions and styling are my own. A big huge thank you to Frigidaire Professional and Lowe’s for helping our kitchen dreams come true.

  1. What a bright and beautiful kitchen! It must be so fun to have a shiny new space to cook, bake, and hang out in –love those hanging baskets!

  2. it looks lovely! what do you do about storage? the open option is beautiful but where did your microwave and pots and pans go?

  3. Love the new kitchen looks so perfect and a really cool style!!! Great job Jen & Kev ????

  4. Leslie •

    Loooove it! We just lived through a kitchen reno too, and I feel like I’m still recovering (though it’s been done for 6 weeks!). Where did you get the white crockery holder? And, can you tell us more details about how the open pantry is working for you guys?

  5. Looks amazing, Jen!

  6. Stunning Jen! I absolutely love it, and the appliances are modern. I freaking love that sink and faucet!

  7. Angie •

    How much did it all cost? Don’t need to break it all down, but wanted to see if there was a good ballpark number 🙂 it’s gorgeous and totally inspired to do our 1960s kitchen!

  8. Karen •

    Great job with the kitchen! I love how it turned out, and that everything has its place. Gives me some inspiration for my 70’s house not only in the kitchen, but how to make the entire house more modern.

  9. Love everything! Really love the gold pulls! So fresh!

  10. Kelsee •

    Gorgeous! We are about to reno a kitchen from the 1950s. I’m so excited and this post is very inspiring! Where did you source the black, wiry banana holder?

  11. Jessica •

    Can you tell me where your old rug is from? (the red/blue one) I am in love with it!

  12. Oh wow Jen!! I love it so so much! Enjoy your new space! 🙂 XO Aloha!

  13. I love the open shelves! So pretty!

  14. Paula •

    I love the kitchen Jen and it makes me want to renovate again….I miss your more regular posts but understand you must be busy with 3 littles and training for a marathon. I have 2 and can hardly cope. xo

  15. Wow, this is AMAZING, Jen!!

  16. Oh my gosh, your kitchen!! I don’t think I’d ever want to leave… what a stunning space! And you guys did an amazing job. Always love your home decor aesthetic, you’re a natural talent! xo

  17. Camille •

    Can you tell me what the flooring is?

  18. We have a short ceiling for our hood (looks like you did too). Was that hood adjustable? Did you do something extra to get it so short?

  19. Natalie •

    I NEVER EVER leave comments on anything….BUT this…I’m going to straight up copy you when we get to doing our kitchen! Well done! SO amazing.

  20. What are the floors? Lowes product? I think you knocked it out f the park. 🙂

  21. Looks so incredible. I’m very curious to know where you got those wicker and wire baskets from. I need those exact ones so badly but can’t find anything like it. Thanks so much!

  22. Maureen schmidt •

    Doesn’t look like you redid the floors. Do you recall what they are? Like the look a lot.

  23. Rachel Lee •

    Hi, your kitchen looks beautiful!
    I’m also changing my kitchen just like yours. We picked Blanco Orion Silestone, but for some reason it doesn’t look like white with gray hue but white with slight yellow tone when it’s with white subway tile. Is your subwaytile not white but cream or beige? Would you please let me know the brand name and color of your backsplash tile? It looks perfect with Blanco Orion.

  24. Hi-

    Love your kitchen, would you mind sharing where you got the brackets for your open shelving? I’m having a hard time finding some I like.

  25. This is gorgeous ! Where did you purchase the wood and brackets for the floating shelves ?

  26. Can you tell me what kind of wood you used for the open shelves for the pantry? Beautiful kitchen

  27. MARC VUONG •


    Love your kitchen. I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and would like to know where you got your open shelve brackets?



  28. where can i find the name of the vinyl flooring? i love it

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