Pretty much rearranging the entire house. Once the kitchen was done, it all the sudden felt so apparent that nothing else was finished as well as the kitchen. It’s always a hard balance for me to strike with living simply, being content with what we have but also wanting everything to function well and look nice. I’ve moved pretty much every piece of furniture we have around this house lately. It’s like you start in one area and then bring in something from another area, finish the first area but then are left with holes in the area you took from so you have to fix that area too. Make sense? or am I crazy? Probably crazy. Anyway, we are working on getting rid of lots and just keeping what really works in our space. But rugs! I am at a loss for rugs. Rugs are something I do not enjoy spending money on and they are sooooooooooo expensive so you kind of have to. ugh!


Maybe it’s because the school year is ending and that there are some other big changes happening around us but I am feeling a little unsettled or well, maybe just like there is something stirring inside. Antsy? I don’t know quite how to describe it, but I feel like there is a bunch of change coming or I am at the beginning of something new or big or whatever?? I don’t know. Just been thinking a lot about well, everything lately.


THE END OF SCHOOL!!! We are in the final weeks of this school year AND.I.CAN.NOT.WAIT for summer. Rowan has had a fantastic school year, we really love the classical school she goes to BUT we’ve had a hard year adjusting to being on a school schedule. We just felt like fish swimming against the current all year. I kept waiting for it to click or be better but it just never did. We finally came to terms that we just don’t think we are a regular school schedule type of family. We kind of want more. We have some different overall goals for our family and sending her to school just doesnt allow us to make those possible. So Rowan actually wont be going back to her school next year (well full time anyways) we are going to dive deep back into homeschooling and we’re pretty darn excited about it. She will probably still go to her school for a class or two which will be great for her to see her friends and be in a group setting.


Oh man! I’ve been all over the place with music lately. I’ve been listening to the newest Macklemore and Ryan Lewis cd a ton, the newest Hillsong a ton, Piebald, Bane (going old school here), coeur de pirate, Cat Power and Head and the Heart, and I love the Rend Collective Art of Celebration CD.


ALL.THE.FOOD. Nursing and training for a half marathon is no joke. I am hungry all the time. Trying to eat only whole, real foods and with the new kitchen, I’ve been LOVING cooking at night. Last night I made up some thai chili ramen bowl with honey garlic tofu and a soft boiled egg. OMG. It was like the best thing I’ve ever made. The night before I made a power bowl with quinoa, sweet potato fries, sautéed kale, Roasted chickpeas and drizzled this lemon tahini dressing on top. OMG AGAIN. So Freakin’ good. Maybe the best part of having to run 11 miles is that I am so hungry afterwards I make up the most delicious meals of my life. hahaah. You know the saying “Eat to live or Live to eat?” Maybe I just run to eat. Although, I do for sure live to eat. I love good, healthy delicious food. It’s a love language for sure.


The sun. It feels fantastic that the sun is out and that the warm weather is so close. It means we survived another winter! Whew! We did it. Love when we get to spend our entire day outside. It makes life so much more enjoyable.


We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next month and we’re going on a big trip! I am so excited. I can’t wait. We haven’t settled on an exact location/itinerary yet, we’ve been dreaming of going to these 2 particular countries for the last 2 years but we’re planning it all out at the moment and eeeeeeeek! it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to just spend some solo time with Kev exploring and having fun. Love him so much!


I am currently reading Wild and Free- oooh it is good. Love Jess and Haley so much. Then Kev and I are both reading For Men Only and For Women Only. We are actually reading the opposite book first and highlighting parts we would love for each other to know is important to us. That way when we read the book meant for husband or the wife I have all his notes in it and he has mine. It’s going to be a cool way to learn more about how he ticks and what he finds to be particularly highlighter worthy in the book.










  1. Nicole R •

    So inspired by your half-marathon training with three littles in the mix! I’ve not done one since before I had kiddos. So, I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and it’s such a fun one for me. I find several similarities – I’ve got two girls (4 and 2) and am due with my third baby (a boy!!) in mid-June. And although my oldest isn’t quite school age yet, I’m also toying with home-schooling. I worked full time the first few years I had kids, and I just don’t want to go back to that frenetic pace. I crave slower days to savor childhood and simple things. :0)

    So – if you get time, a few things I’d love to hear about (possibly some blog post ideas!?) fist, I loved your maternity must-haves list! Since I’m so close to having my third, I’d love a round-up of your favorite nursing friendly clothing, products, etc. Also, this was my first year being a full-time stay at home mama and I loved it! But, I also miss certain parts of the freedom I experienced when I was at work (aka I always worked out during my lunch breaks). I’ve found it hard to know how to schedule “me time” for things like working out, etc. Would love to hear how you make time for those things at this phase in your life?!? Lastly, any links to the recipes you mentioned in this post? They sound delicious!

  2. kristen •

    Fun post! I had to weigh in on homeschooling 🙂 We’ve been homeschooling for the past ten years and let me tell you, it is the BEST. (You did CC last year, right? I think I remember you saying something about that on IG way back when.) Yes, it’s tiring sometimes, yes, there are days when I’d like to be able to meet friends for coffee and shopping or whatever. But, this is a season, and one that I am so very, very blessed to spend with my children. I promise you, you will never ever regret homeschooling your babies. Truly. 🙂

  3. Laura •

    I hear you on the school schedule. My daughter has to be at school by 7:30 and then gets out at 2. 7:30! We have definitely not adjusted (we’ve been doing it for a year) but I think homeschooling would be a way bigger adjustment! My husband stays at home and I think its a bit of a break for him since he gets 2.5 hours to do stuff in the middle of the day during our 2 year old’s nap time. 🙂

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