GoPro x FL 2016

G0382817^^hanging out with papa

Kev got his GoPro for christmas a few years ago, we love it but seem to only really use it on vacations. We should change that though because it’s always such a treat to load the pictures onto the computer after using it. It’s always a big surprise what the photos/videos are going to look like. I stayed up waaaay tooo late last night looking through all the pictures from our recent trip to Florida. Here were my favorites…

GOPR2442^^kayaking with daddy












GOPR2537^^my mom and my sister

GOPR2538^^our disney cruise ship in castaway cay


  1. Courtney •

    I LOVE the pic of Kev and Orion under water!!

  2. No life jackets for the kids while on boats? Always required when I was growing up on boats!

    Not meant to be a hater, Your vacation looks lovely, I’m just really surprised!

  3. My boyfriend has a gopro for his RC car racing, but I’ve never actually thought about taking it on trips with us! The photos turned out great! It looks like you all had such an amazing trip!
    xo April | April Everyday

  4. I have a question about the GoPro. Are these mostly screen shots of videos or did you use the camera setting also? I just got a Hero4 for Christmas but I notice when I take a photo it looks rather shakey. I bought a handle and will use the video often but I really want to take advantage of the camera also! Do you use a remote to take any photos at all or do you just press the button?

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