Our little Starman…


*cue David Bowie song.

Guys! How is he 5 months already? I just uploaded his birth photos to flickr. Trying to sit down and finish his birth story as we speak. I started it forever ago. Whoops! I honestly can not express how much joy this little boy brings me. I seriously want to smoother him with kisses. We call him Guy Smiley (you know, from Sesame Street) because well, he smiles ALL.THE.TIME. You just have to look at him and his whole face hinges open like a puppet with this gigantic smile. It’s the best. What’s also the best is seeing just how much his sisters love him. He basically has 3 mothers. Finley rushes out of her room every morning shouting “let me see my baby!!” and Rowan is the only one so far that gets him to laugh hysterically. I think it’s fair to say he is just as smitten with them as they are with him.

Soooo Orion and I were supposed to head up to Vancouver a few weeks ago to visit my sister. Long story short… his passport didn’t come in time and we had to postpone our trip. Isn’t is silly that babies need passports? and even sillier that they can use them for 5 years even if the picture is from when they were weeks old? Can you imagine Rowan going through security like “I swear that’s me!” haha. Anyway, taking a baby passport photo is no joke. They have to be looking at camera, preferably with eyes open, you have to see both ears, they have to be on a white background, their hands can’t be in the photo and neither can yours for that matter as you hold down their hands. Let’s just say we had to take about 100 photos to finally get the one to use. The lady at the passport office did say she thought it was the best baby passport photo she had seen so, I think I might have missed my calling in life. The outtakes were pretty hilarious to look through though. What a cutie he is! We went with photo number 1 up there although, Kev wanted me to try hard for the last photo with the oh so awesome eyebrows.

He is a tall little dude. Long and lean. He’s at 45% for weight. Weighing in at 15lbs of awesomeness and hitting the 98% mark for height. He has 2 teeth already and drools like there is no tomorrow. I don’t think I ever used a bib on the girls. This boy soaks multiple shirts a day. He doesn’t sleep the greatest but we are working on it- hence the 1:16am blog post. A little sleep training is happening in our house tonight and I am distracting myself by typing this. I haven’t meant to be away for so long but life happens I guess. I still love you little blog. One day I’ll get to write more!

He’s rolling all over the place which is not helping with the sleeping. He just keeps rolling all over his crib not sure where/how/ or what direction he wants to finally get comfortable in. It’s got to be tough as a baby when all the sudden you have this new found mobility. Poor guy! But I also don’t want to be nursing him back to sleep every 2 hours when he wakes up all night long. Soooooo here we are.

I am recording a podpost cast with Bryn from The Birth Hour this week and I am so excited. I love talking birth and birth stories! Can’t wait to share with you guys.

I feel like everyone told me before he was born that it isn’t as much fun dressing boys as it is for girls. BUT GUYS!! It is SOOOO fun dressing a little man. I love it. Maybe it’s just the welcome change since Disney princesses have taken over my house but oh it’s just so cute. My favorite places to get things for him are Zara, H&M, Tea Collection, and Baby Gap. Zara for pants and joggers for sure! H&M for cardigans and onesies and Tea Collection for jammies (always look for the ones on sale!).

Ok. So this post was a bit all over the place but I am signing off because I think I am going to give in and go nurse him. Nite, nite. Maybe I’ll be back down here in 2 hours… #halp

  1. 🙂 :/ 😛 all face is funny 🙂

  2. Bonnie Stoltzfoos •

    Jen, I love when I see you have a new post! We had to do the sleep training stuff with my daughter too… so tough but she’s almost 2 now and it really paid off. Praying he gets some good comfy sleep (and you too!) 🙂 those passport pics are crazy cute. Looking forward to listening to the podcast!

  3. Loved you’re blog for a long time and it’s so fun to see your take on a boy! Magic Merlin sleep suit got us through the rolling phase, our daughter would just roll and roll like crazy. She went from sleeping all night to rolling during the night and naps, we were all exhausted. I’m all for the free movement of babies, not keeping them in an apparatus etc bc it helps with their development but I had to draw the line when it came to her getting sleep. The first time I put her in the suit she slept all night again and for her previous nap length. It was seriously magic!

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