A Day At Mass Moca


Guys! Today was awesome. Like really, really awesome. Life has felt a little (ok, ok a lot) chaotic since Orion was born. He’s seriously the greatest baby alive but I’ve felt like 3 has really tipped the scales for a lot of things in life. haha. Being out numbered is tough! Anyway, I guess since he’s been born we haven’t really been going out a lot to do things together as a family. It always seems to be divide and conquer over things that need to get done. Sort of a “you take the girls and do this and I’ll take the baby and get this done” sort of deal on the weekends. We go here and there together but have missed out on bigger day trips and such. I hadn’t really noticed it being a big deal till today. This morning we headed to North Adams for a day at Mass Moca and it was just so refreshing and lovely. I love, love, love being out, doing fun things as a family!! It’s the wind to my sail! I realized just how much I’ve missed being adventurous all together. Just seeing the girls faces and excitement and getting to share in new experiences…. aaaahhhh! So, so good! Mass Moca is such a wonderful museum. Lots to explore and great programs for the kids to participate in. Not to mention the beautiful building it’s in. If you’re ever passing through the Berkshires make sure you take a trip there!



IMG_7687^^made out of socks!

IMG_7688^^Rowan brought her camera too. Fun watching what she thinks is “picture worthy”!




IMG_7704^^My handsome guy!


IMG_7715^^ Always 1 step behind Rowan










  1. Oh my gosh- on the three kids tipping the scale comment- you’re not kidding! We moved to Germany this past summer (got stationed here for the Army, I don’t know if you remember but we were in upstate NY last), and that was right after having our third. So now here were are in Europe, and of course we’re trying to take advantage of it and travel while we’re here but it is SO PAINFULLY HARD. Oh my gosh. There are no public restrooms, no restaurants that have tables big enough for five people, they serve kids drink in GLASS CHAMPAGNE FLUTES, etc. Anyway, I sympathize! If we were in the states we wouldn’t even be trying to go anywhere hahaha. But as always, beautiful pics, and thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. sold me! I’m going to have to plan a little trip. if you ever get to pittsburgh…check out http://www.mattress.org/ one of the coolest, most interesting art galleries I’ve been to

  3. Hannah Avery •

    That looks like a fun place!

  4. Hello from Spain … The building is beautiful. And that stuff for you kids right ?. I when I had Candela Also take really miss going out for a while … but we have already taken up again and it’s great. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  5. Fun!! We live near Boston and went to the ICA yesterday for the first time with our 8 month old son. It is a gorgeous space but super small. MOCA looks more like what I was hoping for. We were also thinking of taking a trip out west to go to the Eric Carle museum some time in the next few months- have you been? Is it worth it?

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