Finley James Turns Three!!


Finley celebrated her 3rd birthday last week! Yippie! We had a low key birthday party for her at the house with some of her little friends. I posted a picture on instagram the other day with a little run down of Finley at this moment. Figured I would post it here as well…

“Finley still loves all stuffed animals, especially small, hand sized ones. She is perfectly average is height and weight. Just had her well visit this week. Such a difference from her off the chart in height older sister. She loves who she loves and if you aren’t in that circle then she probably won’t give you the time of day. She is wild and silly and brave. She has the sweetest little voice. We’ve nicknamed her finfin (which she thinks is her real name) and snacks. All she wants to eat are snacks… ALL.THE.TIME. She loves bean bags (or jumping pillows as she calls them), building with blocks and doing whatever Rowan is doing. She is the BEST big sister to Orion. Oh man this girl loves her baby brother. She has quite a temper when she is mad and loves things to be fair. She loves to drink everyone else’s smoothie except her own even when they are the same exact thing. And to her the only piece of clothing that should exist are dresses/skirts and tights. She insists on wearing all her dresses and tights from June&January all day, everyday. I think I’ve said more times than I can count “tights are not pajamas”. Haha. Welcome to 3 Miss Finley James!!”












  1. Adorable party! She is really starting to look more and more like Rowan! She is adorable!

  2. Hannah Avery •

    Happy Birthday to Finley! My daughter turns 3 today, but we’re doing her party next week. LOVE all the candles on her cake. I might steal your idea! Her outfit is adorable!

  3. Oh man…3 already!! Happy Birthday to Finley and congrats to you for surviving the madness! 🙂
    Loving catching up on your posts today. Missing you all now and wish we could come ice skate with you! (or you could come sit at the beach with us! I shouldn’t mention that it’s been like summer here recently, right?) Aloha and hugs-

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