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November 2015

My Motherhood is… (current life with 3)


I wrote a post like this a while back and figured it was time to write another one in this new stage of motherhood. Being a Mom to 3 is beyond what I expected in so many ways. It’s funny how when the next kid pops out you instantly can’t imagine your family with out them. Like they were meant to be there all along. I really love how that works. Orion is our favorite little man and the perfect addition to our family. The moment he was born our hearts exploded with love for that sweet, sweet baby. Oooh we just love him!!

I started the last post with this and wanted to add it here as well… One of my favorite things about motherhood is that as much as it’s a personal journey it’s also so uniting at the same time. We all go through the ups & downs. They may be a bit different for each one of us but I am sure we share so many similarities.

My motherhood with 3…

…is first and foremost giving myself grace in all areas of my life. It’s not all going to get done right now.

…is currently putting aside most hobbies for lack of time. Knowing that it’s just a season.

…is accepting the tv watching for the kids with out guilt. It won’t kill any one and again is just a season.

…is actually letting myself sit and cuddle that sweet baby boy while he sleeps instead of trying to lie him down to get other stuff done. By the third you are fully aware how fast time goes.

…is acknowledging that taking care of the baby is the easy part. It’s the older ones that still take up the most time and energy

…is understanding that baby number 3 has to go with the flow. Haha. Poor boy always getting carted around to school drop off, the library, gymnastics, moms group, etc…

…is being more exhausted than you ever imagined. One tiny baby waking up is nothing compared to 3 children up constantly ALL.THROUGH.THE.NIGHT. #halp

…is letting the oldest spread her wings and be that big helper even if it means cleaning up a bigger mess later for you.

…is also giving grace to everyone in the family. It’s a big adjustment for everyone!

…is finding some wiggle room in the budget to hire a house cleaner for this season of life

…is being so in love with the new family dynamic you don’t even know how to handle it.

…is constantly picking up throughout the day so it doesn’t get out of control.

…is about being a team. Helping everyone see the importance of working together and giving jobs.

…is eating at Panera a lot.

…is swooning over your children as they love on each other and become the sweetest little mommies to their new baby brother

…is being so humbled by the love and generosity of your church family. Oooh the meal train!

…is having throw up on your brand new sweater.

…is making the most of even the smallest moments with your older ones to make sure they feel special and loved.

…is lots of kisses

…is your heart growing in ways you didn’t know it could

…is tears over being overwhelmed at everything

…is tears over how much you love everything about your family

…is tears over just how fast it goes

…is tears over every worship song you hear about God’s love

…is tears over having to do those damn tongue and lip exercises on your baby

…is tears over pretty much anything at any moment because #hormones

…is memorizing scripture on God’s promises for moments that seem too overwhelming

…is falling asleep surrounded by piles of clean and dirty laundry and not even caring or moving it

…is googling the most ridiculous things at all hours of the night while nursing

…is ordering things on amazon prime at 3:27am

…is all the hallelujahs for a baby that just slept 11-7am!!

…is multiple trips to Dr. Saddness (what I’ve nicknamed him) for the baby’s tongue and lip tie

…is accepting your post baby body

…is for all the hilarious boobie talk with your older ones as you nurse the baby a bajillion times a day.

…is for falling even deeper in love with your husband as he takes care of everything and everyone.

…is for missing my mom when she is gone

…is feeling like the transition to 3 really has been overall pretty smooth (don’t get me wrong it’s tough for sure!) but makes me think could we handle 4?

…is being so freakin’ excited for all that is to come as a family of 5.










Halloween 2015 | Pt. 2


This was the best year for Halloween! The girls were at the perfect age for trick or treating. Rowan was so excited she basically ran from house to house the entire night. I love our sweet little neighborhood! On Friday night we went to a Trunk or Treat at a church in the area and then went out for the real deal on Saturday night. We took the girls to see the Wizard of Oz for the first time this past summer at a Movie In the Park sort of deal. It was the most magical summer night watching such a movie classic under the stars. They even had the characters there to meet and greet the kids. Needless to say, Rowan fell in love with the movie and has been talking about being all the characters for Halloween since. She didn’t have to twist my arm that’s for sure. I LOVE family halloween costumes. I hope they want to dress up together forever (I know, I know. It’s not going to happen but I can dream right?).








Halloween 2015 | Pt. 1


We always try to make the most of the Halloween season. It can seem a little silly to make a big deal over a costume you’re only going to wear for a few short hours on one particular night. I try to find all the fun Halloween activities in the area and let the kids dress up as much as they’d like. The weekend before Halloween we found a Trick or Treat event at the Omi International Arts Center. I’d never been there but I am always up for exploring a new museum. Out in their huge sculpture field, volunteers dressed up and stood at each sculpture passing out candy. Good way to enjoy halloween but also get some culture in there as well. Our real Halloween costumes weren’t quite ready yet so the girls picked out something from the dress up closet. They went as a bumble bee and a Snow White. There was also a great halloween party for the kids- food, drinks and crafts. The kids had a great time! We will definitely be back next year.















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