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Guys! I only have 2.5 weeks left. Holy cow. Well, I am sure it’ll be more like 3.5 weeks left but I am trying not to think about it like that (stupid always being late baby arrival). I thought since I was nearing the end of this pregnancy, I would share my must haves that’ve gotten me through the past nine months. These are staple items that can help you build a fun and successful maternity wardrobe. You don’t need a ton of maternity specific items but a few make life easier (and more comfortable) if you do invest in them.

1. Vim & Vigr Compression Socks: Totally helps with swelling and they look cute too! I would wear these almost every night before bed to help circulation after busy days on my feet chasing the girls around.

2. Maternity Tights: Especially now that fall is coming around, every pregnant lady should have a good pair of black maternity tights. Don’t try to fit into a non maternity pair- ugh! They will not be comfortable. I love that these sit up high over my belly. Thick and soft!

3. Honest Belly Balm: My skin gets so itchy when I am pregnant. Does yours? Love this belly balm from Honest.

4. Belly Bandit Post Pregnancy Wrap: Now this is something I actually haven’t tried but I did just buy it for after the baby is born. I never tried anything like this after Finley or Rowan’s birth but thought I would give it a go this time around. I’ve heard good things. We’ll see!

5. Belly Bandit Support Band: Now this! This is a life saver! Whenever I would be active (walk, hike, etc…) ooooh that round ligament pain would set in. This support band would allow me to continue exercising without much pain at all. Totally helps distribute the weight of your belly. I would wear it under my tank top so you wouldn’t even know I had it on. I’ve used this thing so many times!!

6 + 7. Speaking of working out! This active wear from Old Navy was hands down my favorite. There are some really expensive maternity active wear items out there but ultimately wasn’t something I decided worth the hefty price tag. These maternity pants and tank from ON were perfect though. Not bad on the wallet and perfect for what I needed. I wore the same size (medium) the entire pregnancy. So it’s worth the purchase.

8. SHAPE WEAR!! Ladies. Get yourself some pregnancy shape wear. You won’t regret it. I wore mine all summer long under tank dresses, skirts and tighter fitting maxi dresses. Just helps round out your already beautiful pregnancy curves. I’m telling you, you’ll love them!

9. Tank Dress! Get yourself some kind of neutral tank dress whether thats grey, black or striped. I promise you’ll wear it all summer, fall and winter. So comfortable and so easy to layer as seasons change. Make use of the non maternity clothes in your closet by throwing on a denim vest in the summer, an open flannel in the fall and a chunky and warm cardigan in the winter. Here are some other styles I love (HERE, HERE and HERE)

10. WORLD’S GREATEST LEGGINGS!! I’ve tried a few of the more expensive maternity leggings this time around and I have to say without a doubt that the Blanqi Maternity leggings are by far the BEST. Like seriously! THE BEST. Don’t even mess around trying out different brands. Spend the money- you won’t regret it! While you are at it… love their support tank as well!

11. So these are not maternity but I just love a good bralette. These ones from Aerie are by far my favorite. So comfortable and easy to wear. Looking for a little extra support while you sleep? These fit the bill perfectly!

12. JEANS! One of my top pieces of advice for pregnant ladies is to invest in good maternity jeans. You don’t need a ton. 1 or 2 pairs will do but seriously it will make all the difference. I am a big fan of the over the belly panel, extra skinny leg, with a lot of stretch kind of jean. These Joe Jean’s have been my go to’s. I wear them almost everyday. They are on sale right now and there is a sale on sale!! Buy one, get one 50% off. That is a pretty good deal on designer jeans if you ask me. Love this pair as well!

13. This Target white V-Neck has been my most favorite. So perfect to wear on it’s own or layered under something else. I like the fit and material of it. Its a rayon/spandex jersey knit so it’s thin and stretchy. Sometimes the cotton maternity tees seem so thick to me. I really like this one.

14. The perfect Maternity top. I would tell everyone to go get at least 1 or 2 nice maternity tops that aren’t just a cotton tee or tank. Something that makes you feel special and not frumpy or huge. I just got this lace one on sale and every time I wear it I get so many compliments.

15. The Maternity Midi skirt: I really didn’t find a whole lot I loved from asos maternity this time around. I really kind of hated the fabrics of everything but I did LOVE this skirt. It worked so perfect paired with all the cute crop tops that were out there this summer. The skirt goes up over the belly and then the crop tops would be the perfect match.

  1. I had a baby in May and struggled with leggings. Wanting to wear them but not finding a good, thick pair. IF there is a third pregnancy then I’m buying these right away! Thanks.

  2. Thank you thank you for this! I’m only in my first trimester right now but already worried about where to get my usual staples in maternity sizes. This fits the bill.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I just hit 32 weeks yesterday, and the leg discomfort and belly pain from stretching has come on strong in the last week or two, which didn’t happen with my first. I am totally ordering the Belly Bandit and the compression socks today! So stoked to try them! And the Blanqi leggings are so worth every penny!

  4. Great round-up! Sent it over to my best friend who is pregnant!

  5. Belly band was one of my favorite maternity pieces!

    Check out my latest post on how to look great after having a baby!
    Happy Medley

  6. 5 babies, every single one was late! Happy waiting!

  7. Some of my favorite finds when I was pregnant was the H&M Conscious collection for maternity (all organic!). It had a lot of great basics for super reasonable prices. I got so many compliments on my navy striped long shirt from there.

    Wish I had your list when I was prego!

  8. Just wanted to say that I bought a pair of Blanqi maternity leggings based on your recommendation and I am in LOVE with them. I only have seven weeks of pregnancy left so I really debated if the cost was worth it – but I’m obsessed! Worth every penny! Thanks so much.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this! The Ingrid and Isabelle tights are phenomenal, I used them during my pregnancy too.. On my hunt, I came across some tights from Felicity Legwear that fit so well after I gave birth to baby. They have the best control top for any mamas needing tights for your after-birth wardrobe.

  10. Hey, Jen!
    Not sure you’ll ever read this in time but would love to know what you thought of that Belly Bandit! I’m on the verge of buying one as I’ve heard only good things as well, but would love to know how it worked for you..thanks!

  11. These look great! I’d also include maternity compression socks, you can get some at
    They’ve helped me so much with swollen feet during my pregnancy.

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