New Nursery Tour!!!! (It’s a…)

Guys!! I’ve been keeping a secret from you for like 4 months!!!…



YAY!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?! Kev and I both were positive it was another girl, so we were totally shocked when the tech showed us right there on the screen it was for sure not a girl. Hahaha. Kev let out a big ol’ holler. He’s very excited. We both are! I am so excited to finally share the news with you. I wanted to save it to reveal with a nursery tour of the baby’s new room. It just took me forever to finish it all up. I’ve never done a themed type nursery before and I wasn’t really planning on it for his room either but it just sort of happened. Space themed it was. I tried not to get too spacey or baby like. I like nurseries that have a bit more of an older kid feel. I tried keeping it pretty monochromatic with grey, black, white and blue but once all the toys and books got in there it ended up with other pops of color. I am pretty in love with how it came out. Like I mentioned in my post the other night, it’s the cleanest, most put together room in the house at the moment and I love just sitting in there on the carpet and thinking about him and all the things to come.

I saw the constellation painting idea on A Beautiful Mess when they redid one of their bathrooms and totally fell in love with the idea. I think that’s what started off the whole space themed idea. I printed out pictures of constellations and just free handed them on the wall with a ruler. Most of them are actual constellations but not in any particular order. I just filled the wall so that it would be aesthetically pleasing. I cut a star shape out of linoleum to make a stamp for the wall. I used some craft paint to stamp on the wall. My Dad is an astrophotographer (and a famous one at that!) and I really wanted to incorporate some of his pictures of space in the gallery wall. Makes it so special for us (more on all that in another post)! When it came to a dresser, I had a really hard time finding one. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I actually just used one of our expedits that we weren’t really using and turned it into a dresser of sorts. I added baskets on bottom shelves and got the coolest change pad for the top. I’ve always hated those mattress ones with the cover. It just makes extra laundry- love that I can wipe this down quick and easy (thanks Amy for helping me find this!).

I tried to just reuse a lot of stuff from Finley’s or Rowan’s nurseries. I loved Finley’s mobile but really didn’t like the peach colored shape for baby boy. I ended up just pulling it off, spray painting it blue, and then popping it back on. Perfect for the room now! I also spray painted the lamp base the same shade of blue. I really had a lot of fun decorating for a boy for the first time. Everything has been girl, girl, girl for so long. Which of course I’ve loved but I’m really happy with how his nursery came out! Now he just needs to get here already so I can dress him in all the cute boys clothes I’ve been buying. Everyone keeps telling me girls are way more fun to dress but guys!! i’ve been having so much fun stocking up on little boy clothes!!

I can’t believe that we’re going to have a sweet baby boy in just a few weeks!!






















Crib: Ikea | Cloud Crib Sheet: c/o Land of Nod | Carpet: c/o Land of Nod | Chair: Ikea | Mobile: Giggle | Home Sweet Home Banner: c/o Land of Nod | Floor Lamp: c/o Land of Nod | Wire baskets: c/o Land of Nod | Magazine Bookshelf: c/o Land of Nod | Black Expedit Shelf: Ikea | Wicker Baskets: Target | Stripe + Cross Swaddles: Modern Burlap | Change Pad: Keekaroo | Rocket Ship Toy: Janod | Wooden Toy Rattle: Manhattan Toy | Laundry Hamper: c/o Land of Nod | Wooden Walker: Hape | Astro Print, Young and Free Print, Black Abstract, Constellation Print: c/o Minted | Troybot Print: Troy Cloth and Paper | Go To Sleep Print: Danielle Burkleo | Stripped Hat + Blanket: c/o June and January | Pia Wallen Mini Cross Blanket: Story North | Apple Pillow: Blabla Kids

Our friends at Land of Nod and Minted were super sweet and thoughtful by helping us decorate the room. Thank you!

  1. Jesse Coulter •

    I love it Jen! Soooo cute and I’m so excited for your little boy!!!

    – Jesse

  2. Giiiiiiirl yes! Love every inch! Congrats on a boy!!!!

  3. The fox on the chair is by TeddyBearRepublic. They are available at Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA. Thanks for sharing. This room is perfectly adorable.

  4. Clarabelle •

    This little room is so perfect. Great styling and great vibe. Congratulations on your little baby boy!

  5. Jen, CONGRATS, how exciting you’re having a boy!! Hehe, totally assumed you were having a girl for sure! 😉 And I love what you did with the nursery, the space theme worked out great, and I’m now officially obsessed with that consolation wall. SO cute!! xo

  6. Beautiful room. Congratulations! 🙂

  7. His name starts with an O? Oliver? Orion? Otis?….do tell 😉

  8. Oh love it and congrats! Boys are great! Is the large “O” on the wall a hint about baby’s name? 😉

  9. Yea! I’m so excited for you guys.

    And this nursery is so up my alley. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to hear more about your dad and his work!

  10. awesome room! I have to make an educated guess though…. space theme…. “O” on the wall…. Orion?

  11. It look so great!!! I was wrong, I was thinking girl for sure 🙂 How exciting! Can’t wait to “meet” him soon!!!

    P.S. Also, please share the cute boys clothes you are finding! I’m always on the lookout for Finch 🙂

  12. Yay…congrats!!! I am having twin boys in about two months- so exciting. BOY CLUB!

  13. Jenni Smith •

    Yay! I LOVE HAVING BOYS!!! Congratulations!!

  14. So exciting!!! Congratulations!
    Absolutely LOVE this nursery! Also – that ABC of Canada book is so sweet. It was the first book I bought for my daughter 🙂

  15. Kylie Bond •

    I loove this nursery! I was wondering what chair that is? I see it is from Ikea, but do you know what it is called…I couldn’t find it on the website easily. Thanks!

  16. Mushybooks •

    This nursery is outstanding! Amazing job mama!

  17. What a beautiful nursery. Welcome to the world of boys!

    Can you tell me about the cornice for your blinds? I love the color and texture of the fabric.

  18. Lindsey Joy •

    Baby boys are wonderful! I had my first a year ago and it’s been the absolute best (well, aside from the newborn stage…not my favourite…and I feel ok about it). Anyways….I just wanted to encourage you by saying that from my little window into your world thru your blog and instagram, it is obvious that you are parenting with intention and creativity and joy…and that all of your kids – girls, boys, adopted, fostered, – are so lucky to have you and Kevin. So: fear not! You’ve got this. xoxo from Victoria BC (loved your Roots post!)

  19. Lindsey Joy •

    PPS I meant possible future adopted/foster, in case that was weird! Sorry. (Oh man, how Canadian am I? Apologizing like it’s my job. Hahaha.)

  20. We are having our second (a boy, like you) right around the same time- 36 weeks along!! He has no nursery as of now but we will make a room for him once we move into our new house. Inspired by this room! Love it

  21. Many congratulations!! Absolutely love the nursery! My favourite theme for a boy! 🙂
    now, is he an Oliver? Or Owen? Or maybe Oscar? 😀 xx

  22. I think I have a good guess on what his name is seeing the ‘O’ on the wall, and the reference to space. Hmmmmmm…..

  23. Brilliant! The “Go To Sleep” print is absolutely hilarious–makes me laugh out loud 🙂

    What a gift for design you have!

  24. Congrats on your little boy! I love how light, airy and fun your nursery came out. You seriously did such a great job piecing things together. And, I will say I had just as much fun, if not more, dressing my boy than my girl. Because cardigans, who can resist a baby boy in a fun print cardigan?!

  25. Beth Lucas •

    Congratulations on your baby BOY news! Me and my husband are expecting our first baby, a boy in November, so I enjoyed seeing your news and your nursery! It’s awesome!

    Couple questions:
    Where are those darling mocassins from, and also the little boy pants?! Adorable.
    I am also curious (maybe this is in a past post) where you got your pouf ottoman from?

    Thanks so much! Have loved your blog for quite awhile!

  26. CONGRATS!! I have 3 boys myself!

  27. Congrats! We just had our second girl and I couldn’t believe it. I had two brothers growing up and just never imagined having TWO girls. I’m sure he will add so much fun to your family. The kid art on the door is my favorite part. Thanks for sharing!

  28. AH!! Congrats!!! I love the nursery!! As someone who has been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Rowan, is it weird to say I was hoping you were having a boy? Okay yes reading it out loud that’s super weird… but the girls are so darn cute and I can only imagine how much they’re going to love and dote on their baby brother!!

  29. Mary Katharine •

    YAY!!!! I’m so happy y’all get to have a boy!! It’s going to be another great adventure!

  30. I’m a mommy to three sweet sons. Your boy will bring you such joy. Congrats! I’m guessing the O is for Orion. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  31. Oh Jen! I LOVE the room. And I love your boy already!
    We had a sort-of space=themed room for Levi with little rocket ships on his sheets etc…so we used to call him “Lunar Levi,” haha.
    I just cannot wait to watch your girls take care of their baby brother! And Kev…Oh Kev is gonna be an amazing boy-dad!!
    So happy for you, and praying for you until he is in your arms (and then some more!)
    Aloha friend! XOXO

  32. Jen, this room is so dreamy! I LOVE the constellation painting on the wall. I bet your son will love staring at that!

  33. Adorable room! Congrats on a boy!

  34. Yay!!! I just had a baby boy, our first, in June so I am super excited to get inspiration from your blog! (And if I ever have a girl will def be revisiting some of your older posts- the artist bday party OMG AMAZING.)

    Really I wanted to post to say congrats! You seem like good people and I’m truly happy for your sweet family. Our son has brought my husband and I so much joy already- and I’m sure you will love the ways he will differ from the girls. A whole new experience 🙂

  35. Ahhh…so exciting!! I was sure our last would be another girl, but am so thankful for our little guy! Boys are so different…and gross (I’m already noticing at 10 months!! Haha). So happy for you all, and what a fun, perfect little room. 🙂

  36. Hannah Avery •

    What a cute room! I had a son first, then 2 daughters. The girls are so much fun to dress, but I love boy stuff too!

  37. Congrats! We have lots of the same books! I have ABCs of Canada memorized…

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