Summer Outtakes…

I was about to format the memory card in the camera the other day when I realized there were all these random pictures left on there. They’re pictures that weren’t part of any big or special day or anything and for whatever reason just never made it into any posts. I didn’t want to not post them so here’s a big ol’ photo dump of random (but still memorable) moments the last few months…

IMG_4245^^ playing in the court yard of the Roots store in NYC.

IMG_3923^^she loves to take all the pillows and blankets and make beds and forts on the floor. Having a little lunch picnic while watching a movie.

IMG_3922^^Our little sanctuary. Love our bedroom and all the natural light.



IMG_3883^^ a little day trip with friends to see the Van Gogh exhibit at The Clark in the berkshires. What a beautiful day! Such sweet little buddies.

IMG_3857^^one last picture of Finley’s old room before we took everything out and started again for new baby. It was such a sweet little nursery for Fin!

IMG_2713^^family photo in the car!

IMG_2758^^A true Finley face.

IMG_2979^^a green’s haul from the garden one morning.

IMG_2534^^someone found my phone.

IMG_1966^^gardening with Meme

IMG_2542^^setting up her still life. She found toys, arranged them all and practiced drawing what she saw in front of her. Oh my art teacher’s heart was exploding it was so cute!

Can you believe September 1st is in a few days?!?! Oh man, summer has been so sweet! Not sure I am ready to let go.

  1. I know I’m not ready! I keep seeing pictures on Instagram of sweaters and boots. It seems like everyone is excited for Fall…I’m just not ready!

  2. shannon karas •

    love this random photo dump! would share the source for the adorable mobile in finleys nursery. its beautiful.

  3. Aw these pictures are the sweetest, looks like you had the best summer. I can’t wait for autumn!

  4. I love posts like this! Such sweet moments. 🙂

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