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I think it’s safe to say we created a little fashionista out of Rowan. It’s not surprising though, I obviously like fashion a lot and over the years she’s seen me taking a lot of outfit photos for the blog. Many of which she’s been a part of as well. As she gets older though, I do let her call the shots about whether or not she wants to be in the pictures for the blog. When I asked her if she wanted to do her very own What Rowan Wore post for today it was a big “YES, YES, YES!” though. 

We teamed up with Stride Rite to introduce you to their new Surprize brand exclusively for US Target locations and Target.com. Since Rowan is all girl (I like to say she is more tomboy princess though) she was in heaven getting to go to Target and try on all the shoes and pick out her very own pair. It was no surprize (wink. wink. see what I did there? Boy, I’m funny) that she went with the pink and purple sparkle running shoe. They fit her great, are super comfortable and totally practical (and durable!) for the playground and running around. Now that’s the making of a great kid shoe!

Rowan knew exactly what she wanted to wear to show you all her new shoes. I think it’s about the cutest little outfit ever. I am especially fond of the tall socks that she matched to the shoes with their purple polka dot tops. Oh man, I love that girl! It’s fun letting her express her creative side with the clothes she chooses.

Which Surprize shoe would your little one love the most?









Shop Surprize by Stride Rite and find more styles here: Surprize for girls // Surprize for boys

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stride Rite. All opinions, words and photos are 100% my own.

  1. Really?? •

    Are you kidding me with this?! Are you honestly willing to set aside your entire image and brand for some hideous free shoes that are 100% against your normal aesthetic? You would NEVER pick out those shoes if you had to pay for them. You claim that they are good for running and going to the park…yep they are. So why is only one of your children wearing sensible shoes for playing at the park? Especially if you love them so much, shouldn’t both kids be wearing them? This is the most transparent sponsored shit I have read on here and it’s so disappointing. This brand did a very poor job of finding someone to represent their shoes, I will absolutely not be supporting them. Try reaching out to Birkenstock and pimp your kids out to them for free shoes, at least that would be more believable.

    I have never commented here, but this is beyond ridiculous.

  2. My wife has followed your blog closely for quite sometime and as I have recently started a “Dad” blog I checked it out for inspiration. Truly top notch work. Quite impressive. Check mine out sometime if you have a chance. http://www.mediocredad.org
    Really enjoy what you’ve done here.

  3. I think it’s great when kids pick out their own clothes. I tell my daughter as long as what she puts on is clean and weather appropriate I will try to respect her choices. She definitely does not always put outfits together the way I would, but she’s expressing herself and she’s her own person…not a mini adult for me to “style”. This whole world of blogs with kids clothes posts are a bit strange to me. Your kids always look adorable and comfortable, but definitely with influences of your look. Would you really go for those target shoes? Doesn’t seem to go with your usual neutral, boho,hipster vibe. I’d take free shoes too…don’t get me wrong.

  4. I have to say I completely disagree with the comments above and find this post refreshing. I am really tired of scrolling through blogs and instagram and seeing kids in nothing but high end clothing and shoes. While I would love to buy them clothing to pair with my own preferences, and wouldn’t necessarily pick out those Stride Rite shoes either, my kids are really destructive. I would not purchase only high-end, “pinterest worthy” items for them because they would be destroyed in the first few wears. Paint, food stains, mud, etc. Daycare has wreaked havoc on my kids wardrobe and I’m gonna have to hightail it to the thrift store because I am not going to buy all new clothes, only to repeat the vicious cycle. We have a couple of cute things that we wear for weekend outings and special occasions and that’s it. I can totally get behind letting your child pick out items to wear that they love that are durable too. If they get ruined, WHO CARES? Buy another pair and move on. There’s no way a pair of handmade moccasins would make it a day in my house, even if they were my preferred aesthetic. Sponsored or not, this post represents a cute, realistic outfit for a little kid that represents your audience more than you realize. And the outfit is actually really adorable. Well done.

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