Packing Kids Lunches for School and On The Go


We’ve had a busy summer. Most days during the summer we are out the door by 10am and not home till late in the afternoon. It would have cost us a fortune if we were always grabbing lunch out at restaurants all summer long. I have gotten into a pretty good habit of quickly packing up healthy lunches for everyone to eat on the go this summer. I’m calling it good practice for the time we have to send Rowan to school with lunch each and every day. Thankful it is not this year yet! Here are our favorite items that help us make lunches on the go possible!!

1. Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Boxes: We love these things! We have 4 of them. One for each of us!! Kev uses it every day for his lunch to work and I pack them full for our daily adventures around town. I love that they are easy to wipe out, throw in the dishwasher and collapsible for easy storage. The top even comes with a little spoon/fork combo tucked right in. They even make big ones for a large salad!

2. Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags: I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE!! I’ve been trying to kick the ziplock baggie thing forever. It always feels so wasteful!! I love these reusable bags though. They come in 2 sizes for snacks, have a waterproof lining and are machine washable. I use them for everything… grapes, carrots, cheddar bunnies, etc… They come with us everywhere. On a side note I also love their wet bags! I use them for wet bathing suits after the pool, to carry a change of clothes for Finley as we potty train on the go (and when accidents happen- peed clothes). I’ve used it as a camera case at the beach and to protect my iPad on a plane. You name it!

3. Wee Appetite Reusable Pouches: So not to go on a rant but… you know what really grinds my gears? Kids yogurt. It’s such a marketing scam. It’s really just yogurt with waaaaaay more sugar in it and probably a lot of other ingredients you do not want your kids eating. Plus don’t get me started on the price of the organic tubes. Yes, I’m not perfect and cave to my kids whining every once in a while but these amazing little reusable pouches are wondrous! In a bowl I mix some plain greek yogurt with some thawed berries and a touch of honey and voila! homemade kids yogurt that you’ve controlled the amount of sugar in. The girls don’t complain either, they love it! I fill these pouches with the mixture and we have yogurt on the go! These are also so great for homemade baby food. We will be using them for up coming baby for sure!

4. ZoLi Water Bottles: I have such a pet peeve for water bottles that leak or that are too fat to fit in cup holders (why?!?!?!?). These ZoLi water bottles do neither! That’s why they’re among my favorites. Simple, clean design with a slim bottle frame. The girls and I have matching ones. Pip size for Mama, Squeak size for them.

Do you have any tips or tried and true products you love for kids lunches on the go?
I’d love to hear!!




  1. My girls start preschool on Sept 1st and I’ve been looking for a lunch box- you sold me! I’ve got two pink planet boxes headed our way (thank you Amazon Prime?)

  2. I love the itzy-ritzy wet bags too! I use them cloth diapering on the go. I don’t do it as often as I should. Disposables are just too easy when you’re out and about.
    You may have sold me on the Smart Planet lunch box. You are the second person I have seen use them and they look awesome.
    Will you post more recipes? I love your #jlkeatsclean series on instagram.

  3. I haven’t got the hang of lunches on the go yet. My oldest just started Prek and takes a snack, I’ve been looking for a bento box type container and these collapsible boxes you shared just might fit the bill.

  4. Cecilia •

    This was the smartest, most useful post for any parent in ages! I’m buying everything. As a full time professor, mother of potty training toddler, and 13 weeks away from a new baby, it is with guilt and uneasiness that I sucumb to food pouches, yogurt, and ziplocks with gold fish. This is so much better. THANK YOU!

  5. Hi Jen,
    Can I ask you if the reusable pouches are tricky to fill? Love the idea but wonder how messy they are?

  6. Hi Caroline!
    I don’t think they are that messy to fill. I just take a small spoon and spoon whatever I am putting in there in and then seal it up. It’s pretty simple.

  7. Hi! I love the idea for the yogurt pouches, because I really dislike the terribleness of the “other” pre-packaged yogurts. Just wondering if they clean easily in the dishwasher?
    Thanks for the great post!

  8. How do you clean your reusable pouches? We used a different brand in the past and while I love the concept, I couldn’t get the bottom creases clean enough and would find mold/mildew growing after several uses.

  9. I’m buying it all! Thanks for sharing!

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