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It’s Monday! Did the weekend go fast for anyone else? I thought all day yesterday it was only Saturday. We are missing Kev a lot this morning. We spent the weekend celebrating a little friends bday and exploring the adirondacks with friends. I may have over done it though with the hike yesterday. I always think I will be fine and don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse but I’m feeling that hike today. I am exhausted and kind of achy all over. Whoops. I guess it’s time to maybe start slowing down a tiny bit. Is it October yet?

Anyway, we had a super fun treat arrive all packed in dry ice on Thursday. It’s-It were sweet enough to send us a yummy package of their delicious ice cream treats to try out. Let’s just say they’re amazing and every single one of them is gone already. Something about that oatmeal cookie makes these things SO.DANG.GOOD!!! My favorites were the cappuccino, mint and plain ol’ vanilla. You can bet we will be ordering these San Francisco treats again very soon. I mean I may have already ordered more. They ship overnight so they arrive frozen and ready to eat. Yum!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things from around the internet this week…

1. The perfect slouchy top for fall. I am pretty sure I am going to be living in this shirt! Hello 40% off today!!!

2. My most favorite place to buy jewelry! Such a good selection of delicate necklaces, rings and earrings. All reasonably priced as well!

3. TACOS!!!! How good do these 2 recipes look? One with meat and one without.

4. How cute is this shower curtain? I love it so much!!

5. How cool does this bottle ranch look? Totally want to visit here!!

6. On the look out for a seriously cool blazer for fall. Love this cross between blazer and sort of trench type twill blazer.

7. Ummm I don’t think I could love this new little baby anymore!! We share the same name!! So happy for Danielle and family.

8. Just got a pair of new Dr. Martens in the mail for fall. Seriously considering getting matching ones for the girls. So nostalgic!

9. These Lou & Grey Joggers sort of look like heaven!

10. ow awesome is this diy necklace?

11. What are your thoughts on saddle shoes? Would you wear them? I kind of love them. Love this traditional pair or a more subtle/more oxford type pair.

12. The courier shirts are my most favorite thing that Madewell makes. I can’t get enough. Just ordered this plain white one for fall.

13. Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Check out my crafts with kids folder on pinterest. Lots of good ideas over there!

14. Did you see that The Honest Company is now selling organic cotton tampons? Soon they will be releasing a new make line as well. So awesome!

15. An awesome new series from one of my favorite Mom bloggers. If you have pre-teen or teen boys check it out!!!

  1. First of all, those it’s-its look incredible. Now i want one for breakfast! 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing my new teen boy series…(Before long you might be re-reading all of this boy stuff! :))
    Love all of your links–thank you! aloha friend! Praying for you–to the end!

  2. I just started using a DivaCup a couple months ago and I LOVE it! No more tampons for me—organic or not. If I didn’t live in China though, I’d be all over The Honest Company’s other products. I’ve heard great things!

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