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Have you ever visited a Great Wolf Lodge before? I had actually never heard of the hotel before until about a month ago. We are always looking for new places to go as a family. Vacation criteria has really changed for us over the last few years. It’s hard to avoid when you become a parent. We still like to take the kids to visit new cities and foreign countries but there is also something so wonderful about bringing them somewhere that is totally geared towards them. It makes for such a fun, family experience. This is 100% the Great Wolf Lodge!! What a blast we had! We headed down to the Pocono Mountains location a few weekends ago to visit and celebrate the grand opening of their new Slideboarding water slide (which Kev thought was super fun!). The week before we left I showed Rowan the website and all the fun stuff she was going to get to do and let’s just say she did not stop talking about it all week. She told everyone she saw that week about it. We arrived late on friday night and were greeted in the lobby with a full on kids dance party going on. Rowan was in heaven! Our room was large yet cozy and cabin like. They had a packn’play already set up for us with our own diaper pail to use throughout the weekend (so thoughtful for a traveling family with small children!). There was also a whole s’more smorgasbord for us to snack on and heat up in the microwave.

The hotel had daily activities going throughout the day for the girls to be a part of like facepainting, story time, kids games, etc… There was a huge, I mean HUGE indoor waterpark that was beyond fun for the kids and even us (well Kev- dang pregnancy!). I don’t think Finley has ever been so happy. She loves, loves, loves the water!! They had a great toddler kids area! They also had their own Build-a-Bear type store in the hotel that allowed the kids to pick out stuffed animals and outfits based on the hotel’s themed characters. There’s this really fun interactive scavenger hunt that involves the stuffed animals that takes you all around the hotel the girls loved playing. We played lots of rounds in the mini bowling alley, went glow in the dark mini golfing, and took Rowan to the kids spa where she was treated like a little princesses. We ate lots of ice cream, enjoyed a HUGE outdoor ropes course, and played games in the giant arcade. Someone asked me on Facebook if there was enough stuff from smaller kids to do and the answer is YES! Holy cow, YES! We didn’t even get to everything our day was so filled to the brim.

My favorite thing about the weekend was sitting down with the staff of the Great Wolf Lodge and hearing about the importance they place on the food they serve. I am super nerdy about that stuff and it’s something that is really important to me. I always feel like I have to compromise how I feed my family when I go to places like this. The Great Wold Lodge goes out of there way to accommodate allergies, food restrictions and tries very, very hard to serve lots of organic, healthy, clean eating options for people who want that. I really, really appreciate that about them. Something that I feel sets them apart to other family resorts out there.

We had such a fun time and the pure joy that just beamed from Rowan and Finley the whole weekend will be something I won’t forget anytime soon. We want to say a big huge THANK YOU to the Great Wolf Lodge team for inviting us to come share this special weekend with them. We will definitely be back!!


















  1. So seriously, how do you get such cool opportunities!?! Lots of hard work and time on the blogging scene, I’m guessing. But congrats! Looks like a fun trip!


  2. That’s awesome. We went on our first Great Wolf Lodge adventure last month. From the pictures, it looks like maybe you had early access? We will definitely be going back as there are like 3 within 8 hours of us (everything is a short drive away from the eastern Midwest). I honestly enjoyed it more than Disney World–and I’m from Orlando so I know Disney. We split the room with another family so it was even affordable. ~$500 for 2 nights plus all meals and round-trip gas.

  3. Ingrid •

    Yay! I’ve been having trouble for a year or so with your site. It has taken FOREVER to load, one picture at…a….time….until I just give up. But today it was almost normal! Loved it! Missed you! Wolf Lake Lodge looks great!

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