Our Weekend in PA | Bushkill Falls


We packed the car up and headed south on Friday into the Poconos. The lovely folks at the Great Wolf Lodge invited us to come spend the weekend with them to celebrate the opening of their newest waterslide. The large amounts of fun and pictures of our time there is coming up tomorrow but today I wanted to share some pictures from our day at Bushkill Falls. On Sunday we were lucky enough to get to meet up with Julie and Chris! It was so fun to be able to see them so last minute. We decided to explore Bushkill Falls together. It’s always kind of a bummer when you have to pay for a hike but you can’t really deny the beauty and easy walking paths (especially for the girls after an already long weekend for them). It had been raining non stop all weekend so the trails were extra magical looking and green. Total Middle Earth #lordoftheringsnerd. We had a great time hiking, taking pictures and just catching up on life with our sweet friends. Can’t wait to explore more in and around the Delaware Water Gap area. So beautiful!


















  1. these pictures are just…W O W!!!!
    mother nature is just about the most amazing thing in the world.
    i love this!

  2. You are only feeding my obsession to see waterfalls. I want to see one so badly! This place looks amazing!

  3. Looks fantastic! Hope you all had a brilliant time 🙂


  4. Jesse Coulter •

    So fun! I love all of your hiking adventures. Unfortunately my husband is not a hiker…plus it’s way too dang hot here to go on a day hike. Where did you get Rowan’s “Wicked Awesome” shirt…I love it! My grampa and extended family is from the Boston area, and I love hearing them say that.

    – Jesse

  5. Oh that is SO beautiful! What a great hike. Some day our family has to get to that side of the country to do some exploring!! So excited for all you have ahead–keep up the great work. XOXO

  6. Laura •

    your black pants! love them. do you mind sharing where they’re from? thanks!

  7. Laura •

    I LOVE your black pants you’re wearing in these pictures. would you mind sharing where they’re fromt? thanks!

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