Our Everyday Style | 06.23.15 #25weeks

I won’t deny that I kind of LOVE dressing alike with the girls. Sometimes more deliberate than others but I love when we match. That’s why I was pumped when T.J.Maxx and Marshalls emailed me about celeb moms matching with their daughters (see here, here and here) and challenged me to create our own mother/daughter look. It was right up our alley! They aren’t going to want to match or take group photos forever, right? Gotta live it up now. Rowan and I actually went out on a little Mommy/daughter date night together to go shopping for something. We went with an overall theme more than exact matching outfits. I am totally on board with all blue that’s in the store right now. I love all the indigo dyed things out there. So pretty! I was able to find a ton of super cute Lucky Brand tops (at a major discount!) in the kids section for Rowan. They all had the cutest details- like the crochet shoulders on the top she is wearing in these pictures. And don’t even get me started on the new items from June & January! This playsuit Finley’s wearing is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever put on her. *Swoon.

Sorry for the abundance of photos in this post. I don’t assume any of you want to see 500 pictures of my kids, unless of course you’re my Mom (hi Mom!) and then these pictures are for you. I just couldn’t help it. It was like every picture was gold. I love capturing their silly, loving and sweet relationship. Sisters are kinda the best. Can’t believe they’re both going to be big sisters soon. I always wonder how becoming a middle child will change Finley’s current personality. Any insight from Mom’s with 3 or more out there? Would love to hear your thoughts. Also, would you just look at Finley’s sassy little face!









Chambray crop top: Marshalls
Maternity skirt: asos
Sandals: Marshalls

Lucky Brand top: T.J.Maxx
Polka dot jeans: Target
Salt Water Sandals: Nordstrom

Striped playsuit: June & January
Salt Water sandals: Nordstrom







  1. I’m 25 weeks too! Love your outfit, and I totally hit up that June and January launch for my little guys too!


  2. The sweetest! Love the june & january jumpsuit and those polka dot jeans for the littles!!

  3. Shelby •

    Check out Dr. Kevin Leman-He has a website called “The Birth Order Guy”.
    He specializes in Birth Order and how it effects personalities!-Very Interesting.

  4. you look beautiful, Jen!

  5. Jesse Coulter •

    OMG! The pics of your girls kissing is the absolute cutest! That romper is killing me! I NEED a girl. Loving your cute belly bump, and the coordinating outfits.

  6. Jaymi •

    I have three boys (4, 3 and 10 months) and my middle son is terrified of my youngest. He was fine up until O started crawling, it was all over then. He will scream and cry that “he’s gonna get me!” and there’s always some sort of drama revolving around him and the youngest. Still, he will pat the baby’s head when he cries or take his toys and play with the baby. I think the fuss is just his way of asking for attention. My one tip? Take them all, especially your two oldest kids, on individual dates.

  7. You, your bump, and your darling children are so fun to see! Don’t worry about over posting, I think we all have fun seeing those little dimples jumping around! Hope you are feeling well in your 2nd trimester!


  8. Your babes are so adorable!

    Enjoy following your posts 😀

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