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Last year when we made a big overhaul to the way we eat, we also made a big ol’ overhaul to the products we use to clean our house and the products we use on our bodies as well. I know that a lot of household cleaners and body products can be self made, but I decided I would rather spend extra time on making food from scratch and save time in these particular areas. I went on a big search for brands and items that would work well for our family. It was really important to me because I think we pay a lot of attention to the food we eat, without much thought about the products we put on our bodies. They’re getting absorbed into out bodies just like the food we eat, right? I hated how almost every soap, cleaner, shampoo out there was full of colored dyes, bad chemicals, etc… After searching a bit I ended up really falling in love with Honest. I know Honest has been around now for a while but it was the first time I really started using their products. They’re simple to order (go with the monthly bundles!!) and I only have great things to say about all the products we’ve been using over the past year. I signed up to receive a monthly bundle every month- I change the products that will show up at our doorstep depending on what we’re out of. The products below are the staples in our house. They’re my most loved Honest items! I would totally recommend giving them a try if you haven’t already.

1. Toothpaste:

It was a must for us to find a toothpaste that did have SLS in it. We love both the kids and the adult versions. They even sell travel sizes making it super handy when you travel. The kids love the strawberry flavor and I love the mint.

2. Spray Hand Sanitizer:

Ohhh let me sing the praises of this hand sanitizer! I have tried a lot of them over the years since having kids and these are BY FAR my favorite. Have you ever noticed how disgustingly neon pink the soap is in most public bathrooms? I make everyone get a good heavy spray after potty breaks and we’re good to go. I love not having to touch the sinks and dryers that are also covered in germs.

3. Vitamins:

These are the newest additions to our bundles. I’ve been taking the prenatal vitamin for a few months now and the girls love the kids chewable ones.

4. Conditioner:

Our whole house uses the shampoo and conditioner from Honest. Love that it makes my hair soft with out feeling weighed down with added gunk.

5. Multi Purpose Cleaner:

We use this for EVERYTHING!

6. Shave Oil:

This is one of my top favorites. It feels like a little spa treatment when you shave. My legs tingle (from the menthol crystals) and are so soft after using it in the shower.

7. Sun Screen:

I am a stickler about sun screen. Oooh it can be so bad for you even when it is doing something soooo good for you. Ingredients in sunscreen is something really important to me. I love the Honest sunscreen, especially the sun stick. Man! That thing is so handy. I leave one in my purse at all times. The amount of times it has saved all of us from sunburns! Perfect for quick under eye, nose, forehead coverage at the park on a sunny day.

8. Fruit and Veggie Wash:

I try to buy organic as much as we can but this fruit and veggie wash helps with some piece of mind when I can’t. Spray produce down and wash it off. Simple as that!

*This is not a sponsored post by Honest. Just my honest (no pun intended) opinions on the products that we use and love in our household. There is an affiliate link used though.

  1. I have also been wondering recently about how many chemicals I am using on myself and in my home. This is a great overview of some of the things I can change. I will have to try and make a few changes and then see how better I feel in myself!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Emma AKA BigSassyPants

  2. Patti •

    Thanks for the recommendations. We have a 2 year old son and have been using a few Honest products – diapers on occasion, hand sanitizer (I agree!) and the shampoo/body wash (which smells like a Creamsicle and I love it) – for awhile but mostly on him. Our daughter, 11 years old, has been struggling with the oily hair that often comes with puberty, despite washing regularly. She and I have started using the Honest shampoo and I think it is really helping. (I am still getting used to how it doesn’t work up a huge lather like other shampoos.) I’ve been investigating getting a bundle with many of the products you’ve suggested. Again, thanks for the reviews and suggestions. Take care!

  3. i love honest too. We have terrible Mosquitos in summer and their bug spray is DEET free and works like a treat! I also love their laundry products. Since using them my sons eczema is a million times better. Such great products,

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products, I just received my free trial last week and am trying some out right now. Since having my son 10 months ago, I have been giving some serious thought to the products we use in and around our home as well as everything we put in and on our bodies. So far I am enjoying everything I am trying and loving the patterned diapers. I totally agree with you on the sunscreen products, they are a must but you want it to be good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jazmin •

    I love the honest company products! I send the gel hand sanitizer to school with my boys! They know to use that over the one the teacher provides.

    And the shampoo, conditioner, detangler!!! My boys have curls! The oldest and youngest have ringlets, and the middle has tight curls that form the cutest Afro! Combing their hair (especially the middle’s) has always been a pain. It is no longer a fight after using these products! I’ve tried mixed chicks, home made, conditioning with coconut and olive oil. None worked as best as these. And no oily heads!

    My oldest is picky and pretty much chokes down the vitamins ?

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