Celebrating 60!!


It was my Dad’s 60th Birthday this month and we surprised him with a special family weekend in Lake George. My sister flew in from Squamish, BC and my middle sister Amy came down from Rochester. We haven’t all been together in 3 years! That’s crazy to me! Needless to say, it was a very fun, memorable and special weekend for my Dad (and well, all of us of course!). Lake George in upstate NY is such a beautiful area. The lake is gorgeous, the Adirondack Mountains make the perfect backdrop and there are endless things to do. I love that it’s so close to us. The girls were loving all the attention all weekend. They always miss everyone so much when they aren’t around. It’s hard living away from family, but it does make it that much sweeter when you are together again (just wish it could happen a little more often!). It’s crazy to think that the amount of time spent living away from each other is quickly creeping up to pass the length of time we actually all spent together under one roof. I know life goes on and that’s the nature of growing up, but I always wonder what it would be like to have my sisters or parents down the street or even just in the next town over. I could call them up quick and say “come over and watch Project Runway with me”, or “we’re running to Target want to come?” It’s something I’ve never experienced and not sure I ever will- who knows where this life will take us all. I know my parents raised us to be adventurers, to follow our hearts, to take risks and live big. So honestly, I feel like we will always be spread out all over the country but that’s ok. I am so proud of what everyone is doing and who we’ve all become. I may have to watch from a far but I wouldn’t change any it. The Lula gang is a crazy, last minute, spontaneous, fun loving, adventure loving family and I am so glad I am one of them.


















and a little video for us to remember to weekend!

  1. Linda Lula •

    AWESOME Sweetie, thank you for putting this together as a remembrance of a truly great family weekend!!!
    I agree we need to do this more! Love you xo

  2. Thank you for sharing with us! Your mom looks really young – what a lucky woman!

    Happy Medley

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