1st Real Dance Recital


Excuse me while I post a million pictures of my eldest looking super cute and kicking butt at her dance recital last weekend. As I went into the dress rehearsal on Friday night, I had a slight panic feeling like… “what are we (I) doing here? I don’t fit in with this whole ‘dance mom’ thing.” I was carrying tutus and shoes and makeup and hair pins. It was a strange out of body experience. Not that there is anything wrong with being a dance mom. I know the majority of the dance world are not the moms on some TLC show. Anyway when I saw Rowan run to the entrance of the auditorium with her little friends their excitement with contagious. She couldn’t believe how big the stage was and that they would get to dance up there! It was a fun reminder/lesson that as parents sometimes you have to put aside what you think and just totally be absorbed in whatever your kids fall in love with. I mean I do already LOVE ballet but something about the whole dance Mom thing weirds me out. It’s not hard to put that aside though when you see how excited it makes them. Rowan literally exclaims “this was the best day ever!!” like every day. She is so excitable and when she is happy it’s impossible to not be smiling from ear to ear right alongside of her.

I can’t believe how big she is getting. I am just so very proud of her and the big girl she is becoming.


















  1. As a former dancer (whose mom did not exactly fit the “dance mom” stereotype), and as someone who currently works at a theatre that is hosting the recitals of seven different dance schools, each with between two and five shows each, plus dress rehearsals (and the five dance competitions earlier in the year), I would just like to say that you don’t have to fit in with the other Dance Moms to be a Dance Mom. The ones who aren’t crazy and neurotic are a welcome change from those who line up at 4am to buy dance tickets, and the ones who spread rumours that you are anorexic because you weigh five pounds less than their daughter, who is seven inches taller.

    Sorry for the rant; I have one more month of dance season.

    Rowan looks super cute though! Really happy that she is enjoying ballet!

  2. Im not a mother myself so i cant speak much but i think its great that even though its kinda “foreign” for you, you still encourage Ro to do her own things.
    nothing is better than the support of a parent.
    i truly believe this is how they learn! they have to explore and learn and i truly believe you are doing a great job!

    you have a precious soul in Rowan and i cannot wait to see Fin (and new baby of course) develop and show of their skills.

    you have a beautiful family.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. so cute! i used to love dancing when i was a little girl but kind of lost interest as i got older, i wish it was something my mum made me stick in at! i know dancing can get a bit competitive and intimidating between the kids and mums but if its something Rowan loves then you’ll have no regrets.

    look forward to your next post,

    Lauren. 🙂

  4. Hi Jen,
    Such gorgeous photos! As a dance teacher, let me reassure you that we LOVE the mums who are not full-on ‘Dance Moms’ types! Those that are relaxed and just get on with it and keep a level head for themselves and their child are soooooooooo much easier to deal with! Don’t ever change!

  5. Christina •

    why this made me tear up is beyond me. I’ve been a long time reader and this is just adorable! I’ve been thinking about when it’s appropriate to put my little one in ballet. I can’t wait to go to recitals!

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