Healthy “Ice Cream” And Making Life Work


Life is crazy for everyone. There’s no doubt about it. Add kids to the mix and the crazy doubles, or triples or maybe even quadruples. Some nights all I have left is enough to sigh real big and fall into bed happy I even made it through the day. Those nights I end up lying there wondering how tomorrow will go. It very well could be another “just make it through” day but it could also be one of those days where everything falls into place and you have time to take a shower, bathe both kids, make a nice breakfast for yourself and actually get to Mom’s group on time at 9:30am. The mystery actually makes it worth getting up to see what happens. Even in the midst of chaos, crazy and “making it through”… life is good. Like really, really good. I’ve realized over the last year or so that the more I actually let go, say no, clear our schedule the happier, fuller and more successful I feel. Making room for what counts, that’s where it’s at! Mothering isn’t a burden or something that takes away from fulfilling your passions or goals- it’s a joy and a compliment to those things. One way I have found to see that on a day to day, moment to moment basis is to try to include the girls in as much as I can in my life. I don’t ever want to think they’re too small to help, or do this or that or experience something new. We bring them with us everywhere, I let them help on projects for this blog, they take an active roll in cooking and learning about our health, etc… Letting them be involved has made me love them and my passions even more. Sure it causes bigger messes and slowing down but when you don’t have millions of other things piled on your plate it doesn’t matter. You can actually enjoy it. Sometimes I step back with unwashed hair and the kids lunch stained on my shirt and think, this looks totally different than what I thought my success story would be but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s changed. Success looks like a lot of different things and just because you aren’t being a crazy awesome Girl Boss doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. A healthy, happy, flourishing Mama of a busy family is a success in my book.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!!

Here is one of the recipes the girls helped me make today as we were looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Frozen Bananas
Frozen berries
Raw honey
Coconut milk

Add frozen fruit to a food processor, add a teaspoon of honey, a dash of vanilla and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk. Blend until smooth. You may need to add a tad bit more milk to get a smoother consistency. Don’t add too much because it will just turn into a smoothie instead of thick “ice cream”. The girls loved it and just ended up eating it right out of the food processor.









This post was sponsored by T.J.Maxx who helps me one-stop shop for clothes (my vest!) and items (food processor) that let me and my family try new and exciting things together (like making healthy ice cream!). Thank you to T.J.Maxx for appreciating Moms and all that they do #MaxxMoms

  1. I’ve been a fervent reader of your blog for the last 3 years and never left a comment, So here it is today!
    I’m a French mom of two, married to an American and living in the south of France.
    We just had a second baby, a little boy and We are still adjusting to Life with 2 kids! I just want to say thank you for keeping it real and for sharing those mama moments that are not always glorious because we’ en all been there and oh boy does it feel good to know that other women feel the same way!!
    That being said I will have to agree that being a mother is a success story!
    Bonjour and au revoir from France!

  2. Lindsey •

    great recipe! As it is geared to families with children, I would recommend you add a disclaimer that honey isn’t recommended for kids under 1 due to risk of botulism. Just a suggestion!

  3. I use to go until I crashed and then go again. After having my son, life seems way to sweet to go go go. I am definitely busy but my priorities have shifted and savouring all the moments of everyday life is at the top of my priority list. I am inspired by your efforts to feed your family healthfully, this is something I need to focus more energy on as my son begins to eat solids. As always, thanks for sharing.

  4. I have been looking for healthy icecream recipes to do a blog post on. So thank you!

  5. Just saw this post this morning and linked to it from my site. Thanks so much for the encouraging words! It truly is CRAZY how one day with kids can be absolutely wonderful, and the next is more on the miserable side. We’re in the middle of a move to Germany {from Upstate NY} and we’re living in a hotel right now with three little ones. Most days are good, but there are definitely those times where I need to remember that I’m not the only mom out there just trying to survive sometimes. Anyway, thanks again, and {not sure if I ever said it in a previous comment or not} congrats on baby #3! As hectic as it can be, I LOVE having three kids {all boys, haha}. Can’t wait to see the newest addition to your family when the time comes!

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