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The sun is here! You can tell everyone in the area is about 25% happier these days. I actually saw my neighbors this week! When the winter comes everyone hibernates and doesn’t emerge until the weather warms up again. It’s so nice to see people out and about again. The neighborhood is alive! This weekend has been some of the most perfect spring weather. With no set plans we set out in search of some adventure yesterday. We ended up at a farm in the area to check out all the new baby animals and then found a hike in the area we hadn’t done yet. It was beautiful! We were in love with the waterfalls and all the rocks to climb. The girls had a blast! By then end of the winter I am always, always thinking “why do we live in the northeast?” and then spring comes and we have weekends like this and I fall in love with the north all over again. I’m thinking it would be fun to start a little weekday hike club for some of my friends and their kids. There is nothing better then bringing your kids out to the woods to go exploring. There are so many great hikes in the area that are family friendly. Do you like hiking with your family?

Hope you all had a great weekend!















  1. april •

    hi Jen….just wondering where this trail(hike) is?, we live in the adks, and this spot looks absolutely amazing to swim once summer hits : )

  2. hi april
    the hike is south of albany near thatcher park. it is called christman sanctuary.

  3. What a fun looking hike! We have some like that around here in Kentucky! Love waterfalls!

  4. Ooooh, that looks like fun!

    I just *adore* Finley’s dress. Is it from H&M?

  5. Gretchen •

    We eent to that same baby animal days event this weekend. We look forward to it every spring. I’m going to have to check out that area where you weent for a hike. It looks beautiful. ?

  6. Susanna •

    I am sorry if you have answered this in past comments but…. Speaking of hikes in the woods- do you have a natural insect repellant you prefer? I live in the northeast and the ticks are such a bummer when it comes to woodland hikes.

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