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I will admit it was waaaaaay harder than I expected being away from Kev this past month. He flew in this past Friday and we all sighed a big sigh of relief. He’s here with us now until we all fly back to NY together. It’s funny how you just feel like something is missing when you’re not all together. It’s nice to feel whole again. There is nothing I love more than just being with my family. It’s been awesome to have been snowbirds these past few weeks but I am looking forward to getting home soon. We’ve had such a blast though- I really think we did a good job at trying to make the most of each day. Here are some pictures of favorite moments from the week before Kev came to join us.



IMG_0531 ^^making homemade personal pizzas for movie night

IMG_0516^^ driving papa’s boat

IMG_0501^^ yes, i am wearing socks with sandals. it was chilly!



IMG_0460^^facetiming Daddy!







Enjoy the week everyone!

  1. it looks like you all managed to have lots of fun- I am beyond impressed. Well done! But I’m so glad your time apart has come to a close and you can all be back together again- enjoy!

  2. Where is your iPad case from? I need to get a kid friendly one and that one looks just like what I am looking for!

  3. Such great photos! Looks like you are having a great time. Glad Kev is with you though, I know how much it sucks to be apart as a family, even if just for a bit. Love the pic of Finley kissing the iPad, so sweet!

  4. These photos are making my heart melt, love your girls, they’re sooooo adorable!! <3 And yay, for being reunited with your love! Whenever Martin has to travel… man it's hard. Enjoy your week, lovey!! xo

  5. the pictures of fin with kev are seriously the best! <3
    your family is the cutest!

  6. What cute pictures of all the fun! Those pies are so yummy looking!

  7. 1.) love the socks with the birks ; ) I would totally do that because I’m always cold!
    2. ) Those pies look AMAZING
    3. ) Mini bowling…so fun. I would love to do that with my son.
    4. ) I can’t wait to see you in Austin in a few weeks! Are you bringing the kiddos?!


  8. I love that top photo! It looks like you’ve been having a great time together, even if it has been without Kev, though at least you’re all back together again now! I die everytime I see finlay facetiming Kev haha! She’s so sweet!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  9. Lovely photos – especially the skype ones! Too cute!


  10. i completely understand what you mean about feeling whole when you’re all together! My husband travels for work and we have three boys (under four)! We miss him so much while he’s away. I love seeing your facetime pictures because that’s our life as well!

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