My Everyday Style | 02.26.14


Soooooo… I got dressed yesterday and I decided it would be a great idea to wear a sort of white on white number. Sounds pretty chic right? Hahahhaha oh man! What was I thinking? It took me a grand total of 43 mins until my pants had dirty hand prints, drops of orange juice, acai bowl stains and one muddy foot print to realize that it was the worst idea ever. Sometimes fashion trends may not be on trend with being a Mom. Anyway, before I looked like a total mess I did really enjoy the look. Now I just need to buy some bleach and get a baby sitter before I can ever wear this look again.

Outfit Details:

Jeans: T.J.Maxx (Similar)
Cream Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)
Sandals: Target
Sunglasses: Target





  1. Aw, Jen, you look SO beautiful!! And no kids needed for me… I seem to dirty my “all white” outfits on my own. Haha! 😉

  2. you look adorable even if you were dirty!

  3. I love that you are posting more about items being thrifted.

  4. Love it. Every time i wear a white t-shirt around my 2 year old i remember its a bad idea. Looking fabulous Jen. xo

  5. Love this look! I have followed your blog for years, and just want to say thank you for your constantly inspiring content. I linked to your site today to share with my readers your wonderful Tips for Camping with Kids article. Thank you for sharing love, joy, and genuine humanity with the WORLD!

    With sincere admiration,

  6. love the simplicity of this look! love the all white and those sandals!

  7. Laura •

    Haha. I have the same thought when I see fashion blogs with all white/cream. I am like, that looks great! And then I am like, that will NOT work with an infant. I have an offwhite wool sweater from Jcrew that is nearing 10 years old and I still wear the d*** thing but I end up soaking it in woolite at least once a month or more. :-/

  8. Hey Jen,

    Couldn’t find a general email to send this to, but I was wondering if you have any recommendations on websites/companies that take iphone/instagram photos and turn them into prints/books/etc. I remember you talking about a few sites previously, just can’t find the posts. Trying to think of a creative gift to give friends that are getting married!


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