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There are many things I want to teach the girls in life. One in particular that I am very passionate about is teaching the importance of healthy eating. I think it’s so important to care about where your food comes from and what ingredients are in the food choices we make. It’s never to early to get them involved, make it fun! Healthy eating isn’t about being boring and restrictive. Teach your kids to value quailty food and it’s beautiful colors and flavors. I love supporting local farms and companies that are passionate about the same things.

Annie’s is one of those companies. I don’t let many snack foods come into our house but as a busy Mom, Annie’s is a life saver! Before we left for Florida Annie’s sent the girls the most fun CSA box full of Bernie’s Farm healthy snacks, fresh vegetables, coloring sheets, and these super cute gardening kits. They were in heaven! All the fresh vegetables had notes attached to let the girls know what snacks they had naturally colored and flavored. So cool, right? The girls dove right in demanding we make the Mac and Cheese for lunch. I packed all the snacks up and brought them on the plane with us which was so helpful.





Living in the Northeast, it’s pretty hard in the winter to get local produce. That’s why when I knew we were headed down to Florida for the month, I couldn’t wait to check out all the local farmers markets. It’s one of my most favorite things to do in a new area. I love to bring the girls along and let them be a part of knowing where their food comes from. You would be surprised how much they enjoy learning about all that stuff. While searching around we found the neatest hydroponic farm with pick your own kale, swiss chard, herbs and lettuce. I had never seen anything like it before. The girls thought they were pretty special with their own personal garden shears. They were so gentle cutting all the kale leaves down. Over the past few weeks we’ve had a blast exploring a bunch of different farmer’s markets in the area. Of course we can’t get through any outing with out a stop for some snacks. Are your kids as obsessed with snacks as much as mine? Thank you to Annie’s for providing some wonderful, easy on your conscience, healthy options for kids!















This post was sponsored by Annie’s Bernie’s Farm. Annie’s Bernie’s Farm snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable extracts like beet, blueberry, and carrot as an alternative to synthetic food dyes. Their mission (which I couldn’t agree more with) is to connect kids to real food. Bernie’s Farm products feature playful barnyard shapes, including farm animals, tractors, and carrots that make snack time fun and meaningful. Kids love the delicious and fun, colorful shapes while parents can feel good about the wholesome natural and organic ingredients.

  1. Hi Jen! It looks like you guys are having a good time in Florida! Farmer’s markets are so much fun. When you get back to NY, you should check out We just signed up last month for a weekly family subscription of the fruit and vegetable bag. Produce comes from different local farms (a lot of them use organic methods!) and brought to one of many drop off spots around the Capital Region. We pick up ours at a farm that is on route 50 in Ballston Lake. It’s a different variety of produce each week and Field-goods sends an email letting you know what produce you will be getting on your pick up day. The email also includes different ideas and recipes that you could do with the items in that week’s bag. We have been really happy with what we have gotten. It’s a nice way to get good produce during these frigid winter months!
    Also, my kids love Annie’s Bunny Crackers! They have a fun time picking out a different flavor each time we buy a box.

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