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We had a pretty lucky surprise last weekend. Kev decided last minute to fly out for a long weekend with us. Ahhh it was soooo good to be together again, even if it was for way too short. We miss him terribly already. Rowan and I made a count down calendar for when he comes back, or as Kev so cooly called it (I’m joking of course..) a “Dadvent calendar”. Bah! A week tomorrow though!!! We’ve been trying to spend as much time as we can outside since we’re down here in FL and not back in the northeast. It hasn’t been as warm as I had hoped but even 50 is warmer than -10. I should’ve packed a few more coats but the girls don’t seem to mind as long as they can spend their days on the playground. We’ve made it our mission to find all the cool playgrounds in the area.

Life has turned pretty normal down here. In a good way of course. We kinda just do our thing like we do back home. Get up, eat breakfast, school work, get dressed, think of something fun to do for the day, eat lunch, come home for Finley’s nap, watch a show, play, eat dinner, baths and bed. With kids around, you seem to fall into a routine pretty quickly no matter where you are. I’m hoping to take the girls to an art museum in the area tomorrow that has a pretty cool Frida Kahlo exhibit on display. I’m pretty pumped. I’m sure they could care less but… whatcha gonna to do?

Happy Friday everyone!





IMG_0064^^ the girls, their Meme and their Great Aunts

IMG_0099^^rocket launch






IMG_0143^^the spicy pickled carrots were everything!

IMG_0146^^being silly and eating tacos







IMG_0295^^I don’t know what it is, but seeing the cruise ships leave port is always so awesome.



  1. I can’t decide who has better style, you or Rowan! I love coming here for some style inspiration 🙂


  2. having kiddos does help giving you a semblance of routine- you can be almost anywhere and fall into a homey pattern- but still, your an impressive gal! Hope the week goes by quickly and peacefully!


  3. Ahh I would love to see some Frida Kahlo works in person! Also, Rowan’s top knot = cutest thing ever.

  4. Oh….So great to see this! I just can’t help but think (and say/write) that I’d imagine you’d do really well living in in Hawaii again…haha. Your lifestyle kinda fits! 🙂
    Love to you all, and even though we love Hawaii, we’d love a little cool weather too! (50’s count! :))
    XOXO Aloha-

  5. Such fun pics! It must be really fun being in Florida right now!

  6. Love the girls’ sandals! What brand are they?

  7. Amanda •

    Is that Dakine’s food I see there??? So glad to see one of my hometown favorites on your blog!

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