3,4+5/52 Weeks.

Oh man! I don’t even know where I left off. These last few weeks have kinda been the worst. More on that in a different post but we’ve been deathly sick. Blogging and picture taking have been far from my mind but trying to catch up a little here.




1. Little Miss sickie. Whew! We barely survived
2. This girl is madly in love with her camera. Taking pictures everywhere she goes.
3. The wind at the beach.




1. She may have turned into a blondie but at least she’s keeping her beautiful brown eyes.
2. Bubbles
3. Sandy, snotty and snacks. Oooh the life of a 2 year old.




1. It has not been glamorous in our house the past few weeks. There has been way too much screen time, days in the same pjs, sleeping on the couch, tissues everywhere and just getting by.
2. My beautiful girls.
3. They share a love of matching jammies.

  1. Finley sitting in her stroller with one foot on the couch?! So cute. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. These photos are so precious! Definitely envying all the sunshine in your photos :).

    You are inspiring me to start my own 52 project. I’ve never attempted a 365 because a 12-hour shift job means no light on a lot of days for photos…. but a 52 project seems a lot more reasonable! Plus I love the individual kid shots plus both kids photos that you’ve done. Lovely, simple idea. *runs off to Kijiji to try to hunt down a 35mm lens so that I can have a wider field of view on my cropped-sensor camera*

  3. There has been loads of screen time at our house too lately. Winter is tough… and I don’t even live in a place where it snows! Wonderful photos. You’ve got a beautiful family!

  4. What type of camera is that? Is it one special for kids?

  5. Also wondering about the camera. My son is a few months younger than Rowan but I think he would love it!

  6. Such cuties! Great pics! That’s how it is at our house when sick days hit too!

  7. Wow, I just love every single one of these pictures but especially the ones of your girls together. Can’t wait to see my girls develop a friendship. Love how Finley is sitting in the baby doll stroller, haha!

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