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I’ve had these faux leather leggings for a while now but I’ve found out that I’m very particular about how I wear them. I am in the camp that to make leggings (any kind of leggings) appropriate to wear out of the house, that your top needs to be long enough to cover your bum. I don’t have too many tops that length, so I actually don’t end up wearing these or any leggings very often other than for pjs. When I was at the Loft a while ago I grabbed this cute dress to try on. It ended up being way too short for a dress but I thought it would be perfect as a tunic for leggings. Thanks to a gift card and a great sale it ended up in my closet! I bet if you were shorter than me (5’9″) this would make a great dress too without leggings. How do you wear leggings? Do you think the cover your bum rule is sill?






Denim dress/tunic: Loft (on sale!)
Faux leather leggings: Nordstrom (cheaper verison)
Boots: Similar
Long necklace: Madewell
Initial necklace: c/o Tiny Tags

  1. Jen, you look gorgeous!! Love this outfit to bits, and yes, I’m with ya. Leggings & tunics are the perfect way to go!! Happiest week to you! xo

  2. totally agree with the cover your bum rule! you look so adorable how you styled the dress!

  3. Yes its a must that a top has to cover bum with leggings! Loving the look ad just realized loft now ship to the UK! So happy 🙂

  4. YES! Covered bum and front is a must. Cute outfit!

  5. Leggings: depends on thickness and opacity (is that a word?) I’m currently wearing some jeggings as pants…with a fuller top (but not bum-covering). But, these things could easily be mistaken for skinny jeans and they are dark so no see-through faux pas. Thinner leggings: absolutely cover your bum! I see so many women walking around town with see-through leggings worn as pants, and it is so hard not to run up to them and whisper some concerned advice in their ear!

  6. I am in the same boat! There is just no way I could leave the house wearing leggings and a t-shirt. I feel like you can see any imperfection, bulge or curve. When I was a student at FSU, girls would do it all the time, leggings, UGG’s and a sweater. I just couldn’t do it. I feel to exposed. Even wearing some of my exercise capris which are similar to leggings, I still wear jackets or extra layers because I feel exposed if I don’t! I think it’s just kind of one of those rule of thumbs in appropriate fashion world. I also know leggins are very tough thing for guys to see girls in (or at least some guys I know), so I tend to stay covered for myself and be respectful of others!

  7. i COMPLETELY agree with the leggings do not equal pants rule. i have subscribed to this for YEARS, the worst culprits are university students. it drove me crazy when i was in school haha! leggings are a total anomaly for me though, i love them but refuse to wear them with anything that doesn’t cover my bum!

  8. Great outfit! I live in leggings these days since having my daughter and that I can’t yet fit into my pre pregnancy pants. And yes I follow that rule, my bum has to be covered! Sometimes I even cover my top with a long flowy cardigan. Its my staple uniform these days. I almost done even want to fit back in my clothes because I am so comfortable every day.

  9. I am 100% on the “shirt must cover bum” rule with leggings. Always have been.

    I think I’ve only broken it when I was ill.

    Love this outfit – super cute!

  10. nadya kotik •

    I agree with the leggings rule. They’re basically thick tights so the bum should be covered. It’s hard to convince teens though. They want to do what others do. I convinced my mom that my teen sister shouldn’t wear them without covering the bum so she has been ok with that. She tried to go to school just in leggings though.

  11. Your hair looks amazing!!! Share your secret!

  12. Oh my, I think your outfit is so effortlessly gorgeous.
    I practically live in leggings, with our without long shirts. I used to think I could only wear them with longer shirts, but then I got some nice thicker leggings and now I wear leggings as pants more than actual pants cause they’re so darn comfy. Very cute outfit though!

  13. Yes, definitely cover the bum when wearing leggings! You look great.

  14. love this look! love the layering of necklaces!! I also I agree with the leggings don’t equal pants rule, i cringe everytime i see someone doing that!

  15. Love this dress! You look great in the leather pants too but I find them so uncomfortable?! X

  16. Shereena •

    I definitely agree about wearing leggings with your butt covered! It looks so rude when I see women out with their rumps exposed in a skin tight pair of leggings. I have been wanting a pair of leather leggings!

  17. perfect dress!!

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