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Yay! It’s the weekend. I got myself an unlimited pass to our local hot yoga studio this month and it’s been the best decision ever. Totally love the solo time sweatin’ it out in a dark, hot room. Can’t wait for my next class. This is random but Oh dear! We’ve hit another rough spot with Rowan and sleep. Why, oh why can’t this child sleep through the night. It takes every fiber of my being to be patient with her in the middle of the night with her ridiculous requests. I love her but HALP! Ok. Anyways. Happy weekend friends! Hope your’s will be filled with more sleep than mine is going to be.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the internet this past week:

1. We may be in the midst of winter but I am day dreaming of family bike rides like whoa! I’m kind of obsessed with all the bike options Wayfair has to chose from. Have you checked there site before? So much awesome stuff. I am loving this bike, this one and of course this one as well!! Is it summer yet?

2. I am pretty sure this is the best looking dessert ever.

3. Looking for the perfect buffalo plaid coat? Look no further.

4. Ahh this cat planter is amazing! So awesome.

5. James is the coolest. Love when she does her Worn posts.

6. I was at a friends house the other night and they served me a glass of wine in these glasses and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. I felt so fancy!

7. Rachael. Rachael. Rachael. She’s a good egg. I highly suggest you read her blog.

8. This jumpsuit is everything. So gorgeous!

8. I can’t get over these shoes! So adorable for so many reason.

9. Love this idea of putting a ribbon in your closet. What do you think?

10. I got Rowan this super cute sherpa/shag pull over this winter and ever since I’ve been desperate to find something similar for myself. Viola! The search has ended!

11. Hahaha. Love this post! It was honest, silly and super fun to read about the failures of 2014.

12. My perfect summer sandal!

13. Wouldn’t this be the perfect decoration for a little girls nursery? So cute!

14. I truly love and respect Drea’s perspective. She’s a favorite for sure!

15. I can’t quit my oversized sweater obsession. How cozy do they look? Love this one and this one. Plus who doesn’t love a good sale.

16. Rowan’s most favorite site! We do all of the projects together. She loves the painting ones best!

17. Kind of obsessed with how oddly beautiful this bathing suit is for the girls. I love it! I also love 6pm

18. This watch! Trust me!


  1. Does she have night terrors? My 2.5 year old does like every night. This morning I told my husband while fake crying “I just want a good nights sleep with no interruptions!” He replied “I’ll tell you what. You can sleep as much as you want… When the kids move out”
    Pretty much my life.

  2. Breanne •

    Jen, have you tried the Sleeper Hero with Rpwan? I don’t have personal experience with it but Amy from LHS swears by it for Eli!

  3. The cat planter and the glasses are amazing!

  4. I don’t have any good suggestions for you but wanted to tell you that yoy are not alone ! My five year old continues to wake up every single night with a bad dream . Being so exhausted , I eventually made her a little floor bed (just like a blanket and pillow ) next to our bed that she is allowed to sleep on if she just comes in quietly and doesn’t wake us up. It’s not ideal but I am not waking up every night so it works 🙂

  5. Rowan sounds like my son! It’s been over 3 years and the boy refuses to sleep through the night. Wakes up asking for milk, if I like racoons, will I be sad when he goes to college…the list goes on and on. I just keep telling myself that at some point he HAS to sleep through the night…right????

  6. Imma kiss you!

  7. That cat planter is toooo cute! I don’t yet have kids but am so scared of sleep deprivation! When Rowan makes requests in the night, can you gently refuse them while reminding her that night is a time for rest?

    Also, kinda bummed to see you mention “James”. She has a history of ignoring her readers (even mocking them on one occasion) and promoting this idea of “cool” that = vapid consumerism of expensive stuff.

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