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Yesterday was officially the last day of Christmas vacation (we extended it a bit because of Finley’s bday yesterday). I’m not sure I’m ready to take on a schedule again, have Kev back at work or get back into the grind of homeschooling. Once we start it will be fine- we will be back in the groove by Thursday. Although today was pretty good, maybe we will bounce back quicker than I think. Christmas already seems like a distant memory. Doesn’t it? We had a pretty low key Christmas break. It snuck up really quick and then slooowed down the few days we spent out in Massachusetts with family. The girls were at a super fun age this year for Christmas. Besides Rowan’s singed hair during Christmas Eve service there weren’t too many bumps along the way. One thing I really love about Rowan is that she is very grateful, she very genuinely says thank you for everything. She was very sweet opening all her gifts. Finley was also really into it as well. Tearing little tiny pieces of wrapping paper- it took her forever to open each gift. Every time she would get one unwrapped she would yell “OP, OP! (Open). She could have dragged on Christmas morning all day if we let her.

Being home with our parents was awesome. We are lucky to have both our parents live about 20 mins away from each other. We were able to get a few dates while we were visiting (free babysitting!!) which was a rare treat for us. Kev was also able to play hockey a few times with his friend Adam and I got to visit Amy at her beautiful shop in Worcester. We celebrated Kev’s Dads retirement, got to go swinging on the rope swing, ice skating with the girls, had a lovely NYE with friends and just enjoy time together as a family. I would do over these last 2 weeks in a heart beat.

Just stopping in to share a few random pictures from our Christmas today. Hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful time.

















  1. Those girls are so adorable 😀 Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely break. It’s so great to have your family and parents living so close to you. Lovely pictures as well. I love the last one of Rowan with a candle and second last one – Finley just cracks me up, she’s so cute!

  3. I don’t want to sound critical, but I’ve noticed this a couple times and wanted to bring a safety issue to your attention. Walking on train tracks is really dangerous! Trains aren’t able to stop quickly, and there are zones when they don’t sound their horns, so they can approach you faster than you (or your girls) can move away from them (here’s an informative website outlining the dangers: I work in the transit public safety industry, and just wanted to point this out, since I know lots of people aren’t aware of how dangerous this behavior is. I like your blog, think you have a lovely family, and wish you the best.

  4. such great candid photos from your holidays! seems like a great time!

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  6. Merry Xmas and happy new year! What lovely photos, the family looks so relaxed. I just moved back to Australia in December from NY and call me crazy but I am really missing the cold weather and cozy time indoors.

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