Christmas Around Our House…


As much as I would love to have decorations for each season or holiday, I usually don’t do much other than hang the few kids decorations we make during that season. Christmas on the other hand is the one holiday I do try to put out some extra little things here and there. This year a made a few popcorn and cranberry garlands which ended up looking super cute but oooh I hated making them. Why is it so hard to get the popcorn not to break when you stick the needle in it? Is it just me? I tried to keep things simple but festive. I loved using the Naptime Diaries Advent calendar prints around the house to decorate. I totally just used cute washi tape and taped the prints over existing pictures in frames. Well… Rowan and Kev have banned me from the upstairs to wrap presents, Finley is down for a nap, bags are packed for the weekend and the excitement is beginning to build. Yippie! It’s starting to feel super Christmasy around here.










  1. It looks lovely! Never seen the popcorn and cranberry garlands before, they look amazing but I can imagine the popcorn would break for me too! haha X

  2. Nicholle •

    Love all the bottlebrush trees! They are my favourite. Where do you get yours?

  3. I’m up late on christmas eve eating fruity pebbles and looking at everyone’s house tours! ;)) luv your cute style and all your little festive touches! those trees are so fun and i will totally remember to just tape pics over pics like that next time-good stuff! have a merry christmas Jen!

  4. Beautiful, Jen! I love NTD prints – beautiful design & grounded inspiration. Perspective is everything this time of year. Big love to you and your sweet family from Ireland xo

  5. love all the cute decorations around your house! happy holidays!

  6. Hannah Avery •

    Such cute decorations! Love them!

  7. Rebecca Orr •

    The candy cane tree is freaking awesome!

  8. nadya kotik •

    I love your decorations so much!

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