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I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a handful of difference blog conferences over the years. One of my most favorite being the Texas Style Council. Indiana has always done such a great job setting up a wonderful weekend full of amazing speakers. Each one more fun than the last! Over the last year or so there’s been a big shift in blogging though. One that’s been growing slowly but really took shape more recently. It’s left lots of us feeling burnt out. Not really knowing where we fit into this whole blogging world. Some of the blogging greats have even stopped blogging this past year. I know for myself I feel it, blogging is differnt. I told myself I was done speaking at conferences that were just going to be talking about the same ol’ things. I really can’t stomach another panel on “growing your blog” or “how to monitize your blog”. They’re great questions and ones we’ve all asked at one point but they’ve been talked about hundreds of times. There are already great resources out there if you just google those questions. For me, my priorities have shifted and so has my blog. I want something more from a conference. I want to feel refreshed & recharged, not stressed and bogged down. I just really want to connect with women who will encourage and build each other up.

So when Indiana came to me a few months ago about a new idea for TxSC, I was all ears. I trust her 100% and I could tell she felt so passionate about her plans. I wanted to share a little bit about her vision…

“Blogging has changed A LOT since we started TxSC in 2010 and so many of us feel stuck in a weird place of being inspirational / adding value to the web vs. being real and authentic and not deemed a sell-out because we work with brands. I’ve felt stuck and stagnant for years and I’m just now coming out of that fog. I think some of you feel the same way, too.

I think the best way to get wind behind our sails and the best way to remember why we started blogging in the first place is because at our core, we’re story tellers. We have stories to share and we want to hear the stories of others.

So… that’s the theme this year. Story telling. How can we do that as best we can, via photos, social media, branding, writing. We’re really taking a step back and focusing on content. It’s an event for any woman who has a presence online, be it a blog or simply social media as part of their brand. We’re a little biased, but we really think TxSC15 (or whatever we rename it) is going to be awesome.”


Oh man! Are you excited or what? Come and join us this upcoming March. I truly think it’s going to be one the best conferences around this year. How can it not though? We are staying and hanging out at a girl scout camp all weekend? It’s going to be hands on, laid back and the real deal. I am so pumped!! The line up is pretty killer as well! I am super excited to hear Erin from Design for Mankind!!

Head over to the website to read more and to register.
What story are you going to tell this year?

Here are a few favorite photos from previous Txsc Conferences (2013, 2012 and 2011)







  1. very, very cool. love the emphasis on storytelling and I was so encouraged by the thoughts you shared on blogging.

  2. Texas Style Council is the best! This one sounds so awesome – and i just love how Indi has refocused for this one. I think everyone is definitely shifting gears re: blogging these days, and this sounds so relevant. Super bummed to be so far away – i hope you have an amazing time! This really does look like it might be the best one yet 🙂

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