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My sister got Rowan the coolest book for her birthday. It’s loaded with tons of great ideas for Moms and kids. In a desperate moment last week to find something to entertain the girls, I grabbed the book looking for something we could do. Playdough!! My girls love play dough. I’ve never made it before and was super excited to try it out. We even juiced some beets, kale and used turmeric to naturally color the dough. I also added a few drops of essential oils and glitter and WOW!! it was a hit! The girls have had so much fun playing with it. At first I thought it was even too pretty to play with!

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tbsp plain cooking oil
food coloring – if you’re using homemade colors, they should be added as water replacement. For example, if you’re using half a cup of color, you then will only need half a cup of water. I juiced kale, beets and then boiled some turmeric and used that instead of the water.
essential oils (your choice)

1. Add flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, oil, and food color to a small pot. Cook over medium heat, stirring consistently.
2. After a couple of minutes you will notice the mixture starting to clump. It will get harder and harder to stir, eventually turning into one big lump.
3. Scoop the lump out onto a floured surface and knead all together. Press out flat and sprinkle with glitter. Knead together. Do the same with essential oils.
4. Bring out all the cookie cutters and have lots of fun! Keep in air tight containers when you are finished playing.







diyplaydough^^I am still blown away by how beautiful the colors came out.


*This recipe is from the Recipes for Play book by Rachel Sumner and Ruth Mitchener

  1. Wow those colours! We make our playdough here too, however never get bright colours like this. Must ditch the food colouring and try natural instead! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Such beautiful colors! I’ll have to try that! And glitter too – how fun!

  3. Those colors are amazing. And that book looks fun! I think I will get it for my little lady for christmas. Where did you find those tall mason jars? I’ve never seen any like them.

  4. I always forget to make playdoh! new inspo- thanks Jen!;)

  5. Thanks for the awesome play-dog recipes! I can’t wait to try coloring the dough with vegetable juice and I love the idea of adding glitter and essential oils for extra added fun!

  6. This looks great! I’m going to be getting onto this this weekend.

  7. how cool! I need to make this – my son is ready to do hands-on I think

  8. We are definitely going to try this next weekend! What a fun activity, I think I’ll do red and green for Christmas!

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