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Well this is the last post I’ll have with long hair. Since I took these pictures I’ve chopped my hair to my shoulder and also gotten my nose pierced. You would think I was going through some identity issues. hahahaha. Making changes left and right around here. I’m just really trying to not hold back this year (you know, since I turned 32) when there is something I want to do. I’ve wanted to cut my hair short, so I did it. I’ve wanted my nose pierced, so I did it. Simple as that. It’s fun to just commit to changes rather then mill over them forever and ever. Hopefully I will have a tattoo appointment in the near future since I just finally found the artist I am totally in love with. 32 is the year to do everything I’ve always wanted to do but just never got around to! Better late than never, right?

So… this “leather” skirt is pretty dang awesome. I’ve been wearing it a ton lately. So easy to dress up or wear casual with a big warm sweater and sneakers.




Vest: old (similar Here and Here)
Plaid button down: Gap (out of red but similar version)
Leather Skirt: Loft
Tights: Spanx
Boots: Madewell (cheaper version)

  1. How bizarre! I went to the tattoo parlor to get my nose pierced and a tattoo on Monday, but they were closed so I had to hold off. I’m having a bit of an identity crisis, too, I suppose.

  2. Such a gorgeous look, Jen! Love that skirt so much + you’ve styled it up flawlessly here!! And… fun you got your nose pierced. I had a tattoo done for my 27th birthday… which is moons ago now and hoping to do another one real soon. Can’t wait to see what you get!! xoxo

    PS Loved your post on diet and exercise. So relatable and motivating!! <3

  3. It sounds like a fun exciting time for you right now, its so rejuvenating to update and advance your look. I love the fuzzy vest the most in this outfit, so fun and cozy.

  4. Jen, you are SO beautiful! Love this look! But- I can’t wait to see your new hair and nose piercing!
    I pierced my nose a couple years back and still love it!

  5. Can’t wait to see the new hair, nose ring, and TATTOO. I’m almost 30 and finally decided that I was to old for a tattoo and that I don’t have the right nose shape for a nose ring (after going back and forth wanting one of each for a while). But maybe I’ll just have to change my mind one of these days… 🙂 I did actually cut all my hair off once, haha. Have a great day!

  6. Yes! I turned 32 this year as well and know exactly what you mean! It been a great age so far. (PS: Loved hearing you speak at Influence! You are super inspiring!)

  7. :))))) something about the thirties must do that. I’m turning 30 next month and I’ve been so motivated to check off my list of things accomplished too! A nose ring hasn’t made the list yet but who knows;)

  8. Man, I love this skirt! I saw it online but what I really love is the zipper! Sometimes skirts with tight waistbands can be super uncomfortable, but when they have zippers, they are much more classy and comfy!

  9. I can’t wait to see your hair! I really love this look, and I am trying to figure out how to recreate it with my own pieces. The vest will be tough to replicate!

  10. i’ve all been about the plaid this season! this look is great, love the addition of the faux fur vest! can’t wait to see the shorter hair and nose piercing! i’ve been thinking of a change to my hair too, maybe in the new year!

  11. Such Amazing look Jen, love your leather skirt and fur vest 🙂 So proud of you of embracing life and do the things that you want to 🙂 I wanted to do tattoo for long time now, but always change my mind and find something against it 🙂 You are inspiring 🙂 Mel

  12. you are so stinkin’ adorable!!!

  13. I can’t wait to see your new hair!

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